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Program advisors—who, depending on the major, may be a chair, associate dean, program director, or faculty advisor—provide major-specific and minor-specific advising.  They can address questions related to tracks, options, requirements, and integration of the major and GE; help resolve course registration problems; sign petition forms related to the major and minor; assign faculty mentors; and work with you on academic issues not covered by the Academic Advising Center.  Program advisors can be most helpful for specialized major and minor support rather than basic advising on registration or general GE requirements. 

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to find the names and contact information for program advising. You’ll also find a message detailing the advising support the program provides.

Note: As you make a four-year plan, be aware that course offering timing may change according to instructor availability. Here is a list of faculty members of faculty members expected to be on sabbatical leaves in the following academic year.