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Academic Advising

» Welcome to the Academic Advising Center!

Attention Spring 2020 New Students!

First Year (Freshman) Students, please visit the New First Year Students page.

Transfer Students, please visit the New Transfer Students page.

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We are located in Beckman Hall 405.

Our Fall office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Call (714) 744-7959 for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Please note: We do not schedule appointments via email and we also do not make same-day appointments.

Please remember that graduation or program reviews cannot be conducted during walk-in times and require a 30-minute appointment.

Find Your Advisor

Who is my AAC Academic Advisor?.

If your questions relate specifically to your major or minor, please contact your program advisor in your academic department for assistance. Contact information for major and minor advisors is available on the Advising Portal page.

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+ - What types of advising are offered?

Wondering how Academic Advising works at Chapman? Watch this short video to learn all about the different types of advising options we have here at Chapman and how you can learn more about visiting the Academic Advising Center.

The Academic Advising Center at Chapman University offers a range of services to meet the advising needs of students. We are responsible for advising all undeclared students; for providing professional development opportunities for faculty advisors; and for serving as an advising, information, resource and referral center for all Chapman students needing current information about general education, degree requirements and academic policies.

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+ - Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Advising Center is to cultivate an educational partnership with students, guiding and supporting them toward the development and achievement of their academic goals.

+ - Advising Services

Through individual appointments, small group advising sessions and more, the Academic Advising Center will provide the following services for undergraduate students:

  • Answer questions concerning academic policy, transfer credit, the appropriateness of general education courses, changing majors, petitions, etc.
  • Provide advising workshops for new students and assist with registration.
  • Provide comprehensive advising for all first year students.
  • Serve as primary advisors for undeclared students.
  • Make referrals to additional advising resources and academic support services.

Underlying all of these services is the goal of educating students so that they might assume their appropriate responsibilities in the academic advising process.

+ - Advising Structure at Chapman

Undergraduate students have both a program advisor in the department of their major and an advisor in the Academic Advising Center. Students can visit the advising portal to find the contact information of the program advisor for their specific major department.

In addition, students can look on look on to see which faculty member he or she has been assigned to for major-related mentoring (questions regarding academic pursuits, career options, and research).

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New Students

Are you a new first year or transfer student? Be sure to look at our New Students section!

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Undeclared Students

Are you still looking for that perfect major? Visit our Choosing a Major section.

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Academic Integrity Awareness

Do you have questions about what constitutes academic dishonesty at Chapman? Visit the Academic Integrity website to learn more.