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Academic Advising

» Welcome to the Academic Advising Center!

A message from the Academic Advising Center:

At this time, for the safety of our students and staff, the Academic Advising Center is conducting all appointments and walk-ins remotely.  Our physical office in Beckman is currently closed but rest assured that all of the Academic Advisors are still available to assist students remotely.  In lieu of in-person appointments, we are offering virtual appointments that can only be scheduled online. Since we are not physically in the office, questions will be responded to via email only.


In order for our office to best serve you, see current policies below.

If you have a quick, walk-in type question, you can easily email your advisor without needing to schedule an appointment.

Examples of walk-in questions:

  • What GE's do I have left?
  • How do I take a course outside Chapman and transfer it back?
  • Do my planned Fall courses look okay?
  • What is the Intermultidisciplinary cluster/Themed Inquiry and where can I find more information?
  • What are my options for minors and where can I find more information (including those that require an application or an audition)?
  • What is my GPA?
  • What is the process to declare a self-designed major or minor?
  • Other academic policy questions (P/NP options, repeating classes for a higher grade, withdrawing from a course, etc.)


If your questions are related to the any of the above, please email your advisor directly and DO NOT schedule an appointment. We are trying to ensure we have enough appointments for those students who require a full 30 minute appointment.

Your Academic Advisor contact information can be found here.  Undeclared students - your advisor has already been assigned and is listed in your Student Center in the Advisor box (on the right-hand side). If you are not able to find this information, please email

Appointments are required for any type of full Program Evaluation Review, including graduation checks and what if scenarios if you are changing/adding a major, minor, Themed Inquiry, or Honors program. Appointment slots are limited.

In lieu of in-person appointments, we are offering virtual appointments (using Microsoft Teams) that can only be scheduled online. Please follow the steps below to schedule an appointment.

Please note-Your Program Evaluation must be up to date in order to receive accurate information, i.e. area of study declared, major emphasis declared, study abroad credits must be applied, outside credits should be listed.

In order to schedule a full 30 minute appointment, please follow the steps below:

  1. Know your Academic Advisor.  All Academic Advisors and their assigned majors can be found here. Undeclared students - your students have been individually assigned and are listed in your Student Center in the Advisor box (on the right-hand side).  If you are not able to find this information, please email  If your regular Academic Advisor is completely booked up, you can choose the "anyone" option.
  2. Complete our survey questions here so that you will be directed to the appropriate resource for assistance.
  3. After completing the survey, you will be directed to the correct resource whether it be emailing your advisor, scheduling an appointment, or a referral.

Appointment Guidelines:

  1. If appointments are fully booked, please try again the next day.
  2. Cancellations should be done at least 24 hours in advance to allow other students to schedule.  Please be respectful and considerate as other students also need to schedule appointments.  Should you need to reschedule, please first cancel your existing appointment and then create a new appointment since the reschedule function does not always work.
  3. Please only schedule one appointment at a time to be considerate of other students who need an appointment. If you schedule another appointment before the first one has been conducted, the second appointment will be cancelled.
  4. Your appointment may be cancelled if the wrong information is inputted when you schedule an appointment.  For example, wrong ID number, email typo, etc. 
    1. Please note that if you do not get a confirmation email within an hour of booking your appointment, you did not input your information correctly.  Email with any questions or concerns.
  5. Appointments may only be scheduled by the student.  Academic Advisors are unable to speak with parents, guidance counselors or other family members without the student present.
  6. All appointments are reserved for current students at this time.  Fall 2020 admits should continue to work with their Admissions Counselor.  The Office of Admissions contact information can be found here. New Student advising information will be posted on this page in May 2020.


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Virtual Appointment FAQs

Do I have to set up an account for Microsoft Teams?

No, as a Chapman student, you already have access/an account with your login information being your Chapman username and password.

What is needed for a virtual appointment?

A device that has audio, microphone, internet access capabilities, and possibly the ability to download the Microsoft Teams app. Please also have your Program Evaluation accessible with your appointment questions/goals ready.

What do I do if there are connectivity issues? 

If you are experiencing connectivity issues on Teams before your appointment, contact your advisor via email immediately to inform them. If you lose connection during the appointment, please try joining the meeting again via the meeting link in your confirmation email from Bookings.

Do I need to have a webcam? 

No. Click the link that is listed in your appointment confirmation email from Bookings to join the Teams Meeting, and as long as your device has audio/microphone, you can see what the advisor is doing on the screen and just have audio on your end to communicate back. No need to have a webcam. 

Can I do the appointment on my cell phone? 

You are able to join the Teams Meeting via cellphone only if you have the Microsoft Teams app on your phone. 

Do I need to have the app on my computer to have the appointment?

No. There is a web browser option that will come up when you click the link to join the meeting. Note that the Safari web browser does not support Microsoft Teams so ensure you have a different browser (ie. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) to use or have the app in that instance.

Are there differences between using the web browser vs. having the app?

The app does have more functionality. For example, the app allows for you to turn on captions, and allows screen sharing on your end if there is something you want to share with your advisor. Having the app is preferred, though it is not a necessity.

There are no appointments available. What should I do?

We will have appointments available 2 weeks out. If you do not see an appointment available, please check again the next day as additional appointments may be added.

I’m a parent, can I schedule the appointment for my student?

In accordance with our regular office policy, the student need to schedule the appointment and should have their questions prepared ahead of time. A student is the best at determining whether or not they need an appointment with our office. During appointments, we will only speak with students unless they give permission to also speak with others present due to FERPA regulations.

What if I just have a quick question? Do I need to schedule an appointment?

If you have a quick question (like you would for a walk-in), there is no need to schedule an appointment. Examples of quick questions include:

  • What GE’s do I have left
  • How do I take a course outside Chapman and transfer it back
  • How do I withdraw from a course
  • Other academic policies

For these types of questions, you may email your advisor directly.  Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Find Your Advisor

Who is my AAC Academic Advisor?.

If your questions relate specifically to your major or minor, please contact your program advisor in your academic department for assistance. Contact information for major and minor advisors is available on the Advising Portal page.

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What types of advising are offered?

Wondering how Academic Advising works at Chapman? Watch this short video to learn all about the different types of advising options we have here at Chapman and how you can learn more about visiting the Academic Advising Center.

The Academic Advising Center at Chapman University offers a range of services to meet the advising needs of students. We are responsible for advising all undeclared students; for providing professional development opportunities for faculty advisors; and for serving as an advising, information, resource and referral center for all Chapman students needing current information about general education, degree requirements and academic policies.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Advising Center is to cultivate an educational partnership with students, guiding and supporting them toward the development and achievement of their academic goals.

Advising Services

Through individual appointments, small group advising sessions and more, the Academic Advising Center will provide the following services for undergraduate students:

  • Answer questions concerning academic policy, transfer credit, the appropriateness of general education courses, changing majors, petitions, etc.
  • Provide advising workshops for new students and assist with registration.
  • Provide comprehensive advising for all first year students.
  • Serve as primary advisors for undeclared students.
  • Make referrals to additional advising resources and academic support services.

Underlying all of these services is the goal of educating students so that they might assume their appropriate responsibilities in the academic advising process.

Advising Structure at Chapman

Undergraduate students have both a program advisor in the department of their major and an advisor in the Academic Advising Center. Students can visit the advising portal to find the contact information of the program advisor for their specific major department.

In addition, students can look on look on to see which faculty member he or she has been assigned to for major-related mentoring (questions regarding academic pursuits, career options, and research).

Contact Us

Academic Advising Center
Beckman Hall Suite 405

Office Hours

We are conducting remote appointments and answering emails during regular business hours:


8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Since we are not physically in the office, please email questions to

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