» Sexual Misconduct, Sex-Based/Gender Discrimination, and Title IX

Chapman University is deeply committed to creating and sustaining an educational, working and living environment that is conducive to learning and scholarship and is supportive of students and employees. Part of this commitment is fostering a campus free of sexual misconduct in all its forms.

Policies Regarding Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct and gender/sex-based harassment or discrimination can take many forms, including sexual battery, sexual assault, intimate partner violence and abuse, stalking, sexual exploitation or other forms of sex-based or gender-based harassment or discrimination. These types of conduct are prohibited under the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy, Chapman University’s Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy, the Student Conduct Code, and applicable State and Federal laws.

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August 14, 2020

Effective today, the definitions of prohibited conduct have been updated. The University will publish procedures that comply with the Department of Education's regulations in the coming days, however it is important that Chapman community members are aware of what conduct is prohibited. The American Council on Education has published a useful summary of key revisions in the regulations should you wish to review those before Chapman specific procedures are published. 

September 19, 2019

Last spring semester, Chapman University conducted a student survey on campus climate and experiences of sexual misconduct. Reports of the last three years of climate survey data and comparative institution data are now available. 


Accessing Supportive Measures

In the event of an alleged incident of harassment, discrimination or sexual misconduct, the University makes supportive measures available to individuals regardless of whether or not the individuals choose to report full details of the incident (such as the name of the respondent) to the University or to law enforcement. Supportive measures shall be confidential, to the extent that maintaining confidentiality does not impair the University’s ability to provide such measures. To access supportive measures, please contact DeAnn Yocum Gaffney

University Investigation Process

Information about the new investigation process is forthcoming.

Gender-Inclusive Policies

Chapman University strives to create an educational environment that is welcoming and affirming to all gender identities, expressions and sexual orientations through gender-inclusive policies across various departments on campus.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct and Sex-Based/Gender Discrimination or Harassment

The University encourages individuals to report prohibited conduct to a Title IX Coordinator. They are available to talk if you have a concern you want to share, have questions about the Title IX investigative process or want to report an incident.

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Support Resources

In addition to reporting opportunities, there are resources you can reach out to for additional support and information. Please see below for confidential resources on Chapman's campus as well as off-campus informational resources.

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Title IX and Amnesty

The Student Sexual Misconduct Policy provides definitions of prohibited behaviors as well as policy and procedure information related to matters in which the respondent is a student. Please review information about Title IX and the University's amnesty policy below.

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