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STEM Majors Math Assessment

» STEM Majors Math Assessment for Spring 2024

Welcome to your Chapman University Math Assessment. Please read the following information carefully to learn how to take your assessment.

Why do I need to take a Math Assessment?

Taking your Math Assessment is important because:

  • You can’t register for classes without it. Until you take your assessment, you will be locked out of making changes to your class schedule. This means that you won’t be able to register for classes or change any classes you’re pre-enrolled in.
  • It will place you in the math class that is appropriate for your level. If you fail to take your assessment (or fail to pass it), you will need to take an entry-level math class in your first semester at Chapman. Doing so may delay your graduation.

How do I take my Math Assessment?

You will take your Math Assessment on Canvas. To get started, log in to your Canvas account using your Chapman login.

On your Canvas dashboard, choose the course called “Math Placement Exams.” You will find more detailed instructions on how to take the assessment within this module. Be sure to follow them.

Here are a few tips before you get started:

  • You can only take the assessment once, so try your best on each question.
  • Budget your time wisely. You have 45 minutes to answer 25 questions.
  • You need a score of 20 to pass the exam.
  • Make sure to try the practice questions before taking the real assessment. They will give you a good idea of the questions on the real assessment. If you struggle with the practice questions, refresh yourself on the topics they cover before taking the assessment. These topics include:
    • Functions
    • Equations and inequalities
    • Interval notation
    • Roots of polynomials
    • Rational expressions
    • Long division
    • Domain and range functions
    • Graphing functions
    • Equation of circles
    • Linear and quadratic functions
    • Composition of functions
    • Linear systems
    • Logarithmic and exponential functions
    • Trigonometry
Did you have testing accommodations in high school?

If you had testing accommodations because of a documented disability in high school and need more than 45 minutes on this assessment, contact Disability Services at ds@chapman.edu or (714) 516-4774.

What happens after I take my Math Assessment?

After you take your Math Assessment, you will be eligible to register for classes. However, keep in mind:

  • You can't register until your designated registration date and time, even if you take your Math Assessment earlier.
  • It may take up to one business day after completing your Math Assessment for your registration to unlock.

How do I find my score after I take my Math Assessment?

Your score will be displayed at the end of the assessment. If you want to check your score again later, you can find it on your unofficial transcript in your Student Center.

The minimum passing score is 20.

What happens if I don't take my Math Assessment?

If you don’t take your Math Assessment, you will:

  • Not be able to register for classes.
  • Not be able to change any classes you’re already enrolled in.
  • Have to take MATH 101 (Developing Mathematical and Study Skill for STEM) during your first semester at Chapman. Once you enroll at Chapman (i.e., after you begin taking classes here), you cannot take this class in transfer from a community college or other university.



You may be able to waive your Math Assessment if:

  • You already received course credit earned from a passing score on the AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC or IB Mathematics HL exams. Make sure we have your scores on file if this is the case. (If you need to, check AP equivalencies here and IB equivalencies here.)
  • You have already passed a transferable math class at a community college or another university through a dual enrollment class while in high school. We will apply the waiver to your account as soon as we receive and process your transcript.
  • You are a transfer student who can waive the requirement through course credit earned from a passing score on an AP or IB exam, or by entering Chapman with transferable math credits.

Questions about the Math Assessment?

Contact us at mathadvising@chapman.edu to get answers.