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Chapman University is committed to providing support services to achieve equal access to the education experience. Disability Services (DS) approves and coordinates accommodations and services for students with disabilities at Chapman to help students acquire skills essential to achieve academic and personal success.

The Disability Services Office is designed to help students who exhibit significant difficulties due to a disability. We will support students to understand their limited abilities and compensate for them with ADA accommodations and alternative resources as well. Here at Chapman, we want to prepare students for the future by practicing self-advocacy. We will help guide the student on that journey by utilizing all available resources.

Registration with DS is on a voluntary, self-identifying basis. However, services are only available after a student has registered and presents current documentation of the disability from an appropriate specialist or physician. All information and documentation are confidential.

Students Registered with DS

You must forward your Official PDF Accommodations Letter to all professors each semester you wish to utilize your accommodation(s).

Access your Accommodate Profile.

Letters should be forwarded at least 1 week before or after the start of each semester.

Student Outreach and Support Team

If you know a student who could use some additional support fill out a referral form here:

Student Outreach and Support

Emergency Procedures

Learn about Emergency Procedures to assist you in responding to an on-campus emergency.  Reference to page 13 for persons with disabilities.

Emergency Plan