» Interrupted Enrollment

Students may find it necessary to interrupt progress toward their degree; leave Chapman, and decide to return at a later date.

If a student leaves the university in good academic standing or on academic probation and is absent no more than four consecutive regular semesters (excluding interterm and summer sessions) the student will not need to re-apply and may enroll for classes at Chapman, and retain the right to elect either:

  • the general education and major or degree requirements in effect for that student at the time of leaving  Chapman, or
  • adopt requirements in effect at the time of re-entrance.

If a student leaves the university in good standing and is gone more than four consecutive semesters, the student will not need to re-apply but may re-enroll for classes at Chapman, and will be assigned the catalog requirements in effect at the time the student returns to Chapman. Students may request to return to their original catalog and the request will be reviewed and decided upon by the academic department or school. The decisions made by the academic departments or schools on catalog requirements are final.

Veterans receiving honorable discharge, and who left the university to perform military service will be re-admitted with the same academic status when the students last attended Chapman. The length of absence from Chapman University cannot exceed five years.

All students eligible for re-enrollment must submit the Re-Enrollment Form to the Office of the University Registrar.

+ - Undergraduate Re-Enrollment

If students take coursework during their absence from Chapman University, they must provide official transcripts of that work to the Registrar's Office upon re-enrollment. Students who have been away from the university for more than five years must provide official transcripts from all institutions attended. To expedite the re-enrollment process, official transcripts should be submitted in the original sealed envelopes along with the Re-Enrollment Form prior to enrollment.

Prior to Enrollment:

  • Submit the Re-Enrollment Form
  • Review or print the Policies for Undergraduate Re-enrollment for checklist.
  • Provide official transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Review your program evaluation on my.Chapman.edu
  • Meet with your program advisor
  • Add your classes through my.Chapman.edu or submit class Add/Drop form to the Office of the University Registrar

Students returning to Chapman may select their major or minor so long as:

  1. The major is still being offered by Chapman University.
  2. The major is not an impacted major calling for selective admission.
  3. The major has not had significant changes due to regulatory requirements.


Students seeking to return within two years of dismissal must request re-instatement at Chapman and submit their request to the Academic Standards Committee through the Office of the Registrar. Students seeking to return after being gone for more than two years from the time of dismissal must apply for re-admission at the Office of Admission.

All students returning after dismissal or probation will be re-admitted on probation status.

+ - Graduate Re-Enrollment

Graduate students who have broken enrollment for a period of more than one semester without receiving an approved Leave of Absence are required to request re–enrollment through the department (interterm and summer sessions do not constitute a semester). All students are held to the degree requirements in effect at the time of their return unless approved for their original catalog year requirements by the program director or appropriate dean.

Contact the department and submit the Graduate Re-Enrollment Form

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