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CU Health and Wellness provides a centralized location for students, faculty, and staff to access Chapman health and wellness resources, tools, and events. This resource was developed in collaboration with campus partners to create a unifying experience for users looking to connect with safe, effective resources and engaging programs.

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Resources and Opportunities to Engage in and Process the 2020 Elections

A list of resources and opportunities compiled to help you maintain your well-being, engage in politics productively, and learn more about the democratic process. This resource page is ever-evolving and updated regularly.

To learn more about maintaining health and wellness in your daily life, please check out the resources below.

CU Safely Back

Visit the CU Safely Back website for information on our safe return to campus and Covid-19 resources, internal messages and frequent updates for the Chapman University community.

  • Join Us for Virtual Health and Wellness Sessions

    Fish Interfaith center

    Connecting with God: Growing with Centering Prayer

    Wednesdays 12 to 1 p.m. on Zoom.

    People of faith are taught that they should talk to God. But what about listening for God? Rev. Nancy Brink will be teaching centering prayer, a meditation practice that is particularly relevant today. 

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    Mindfulness Certificate Course

    Wednesdays at 4 p.m. on Zoom

    Learn tools of self-awareness for living with less stress and gain greater compassion for yourself. Cultivate self-awakening to diversity and develop greater compassion to our communities. Led by Dean Gail Stearns, this course will culminate in an on-line retreat. Open to all. Starts Sep. 9.

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    Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind

    Thursdays at 4 p.m. on Zoom

    We want you to thrive at school, work, and in life. Integrating science-based strategies and spiritual wisdom, join us in a weekly webinar with Dr. Jay Kumar offering advice, conversation, and applied tools for promoting emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Open to all. Starts Sep. 17

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