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Health and Wellness

Here to See You Thrive

CU Health and Wellness provides a centralized resource for students, faculty and staff to access Chapman health and wellness resources, tools and events. These resources are brought to you by the Wellness Project in collaboration with Chapman University departments dedicated to student health and well-being. For additional information on this initiative, please connect with us at

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Virtual Programming & Resources

Knowing the circumstances of COVID-19 will continue to make things different for the near future, we are committed to fostering the Chapman Experience you value and enjoy. Many of the engagement opportunities offered each year are still being planned, and will be adapted with in-person or virtual formats as needed.

Explore the eight dimensions of well-being to learn more about maintaining health and wellness in your daily life. 

CU Safely Back

Visit the CU Safely Back website for information on our safe return to campus and Covid-19 resources, internal messages and frequent updates for the Chapman University community.