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A world-changing idea begins with curiosity. At Chapman, we are fully invested in fostering that curiosity and the individuals with the passionate drive to explore the answers.

By the Numbers

$14 million Amount of Research Expenditures in FY2018

Research Expenditures are reported as part of the NSF HERD Survey.

6x Increase in the number of publications over the past 10 years by Chapman faculty.

Publications are the result of peer reviewed journals, books and other scholarly works.

348 Doctorate degrees (DPT, JD, Phd, PharmD) conferred in 2018-2019

Undergraduate and graduate students working in research is fundamental in advancing knowledge creation and part of their degree program.

28% Students work with a faculty member on a research project

The Center for Undergraduate Excellence is a resource for students to find out about research and creative activity.

Chapman Professor Peter Simi by graffiti

The Root of Racist Hate

For more than two decades, Professor Pete Simi, Ph.D. has immersed himself in the study of racist communities to unearth the roots of their extremist behavior.

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Chapman Professor Sally Rubin with students in screening room

Appalachian Awakenings

Professor Sally Rubin was determined to get to know Appalachia –  to untie the knot and disentangle the misconceptions that attach themselves to the region. But first she had to find her way there.

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Chapman student holding hagfish slime in front of face

The Wonders of Slime

Professor Douglas Fudge, Ph.D. along with students in the marine research lab have dived deeply into the bottom-dwelling—and slimy—world of the Hagfish in search of scientific breakthroughs.

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Research in Action

From Environmental and food sciences to big data and economic, research and creative activity at Chapman University is embed into every subject in every school. Chapman has world renowned faculty and established national and international prominence with several Institutes and Centers that promote interdisciplinary research.

For example, the Economic Science Institute with Nobel Prize winner Professor Vernon Smith, the Institute for Quantum Studies with National Medal of Science winner, Professor Yakir Aharonov, and the Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education with bestseller author and scholar Professor Marilyn Harran. All of this creates amazing opportunities for students at Chapman and enhances institutional reputation.

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