A world-changing idea begins with curiosity. At Chapman, we are fully invested in fostering that curiosity and the individuals with the passionate drive to explore the answers.

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Chapman Forward Magazine

Chapman University’s robust growth in research and scholarly and creative activity opens doors to enhancements that will improve student experience and opportunities. Chapman Forward is a research publication that highlight just a few of the exciting areas where Chapman faculty and students are making a difference in the world and in our community.

By the Numbers

$19 million Amount of Research Expenditures in FY2019

Research Expenditures are reported as part of the NSF HERD Survey.

6x Increase in the number of publications over the past 10 years by Chapman faculty.

Publications are the result of peer reviewed journals, books and other scholarly works.

348 Doctorate degrees (DPT, JD, Phd, PharmD) conferred in 2018-2019

Undergraduate and graduate students working in research is fundamental in advancing knowledge creation and part of their degree program.

28% Students work with a faculty member on a research project

The Center for Undergraduate Excellence is a resource for students to find out about research and creative activity.

Special Needs Become Distinct Possibilities

Special Needs Become Distinct Possibilities

Stephen Hinkle didn’t always love a good joke or pun. Humor and its indirect meanings eluded the Chapman University Ph.D. student, who has autism. But these days he’s a bit of a jokester himself.

Read about research assistant Stephen Hinkle and the Thompson Policy Institute
Cultural Research Project Points to a Rise in Paranormal Belief

Cultural Research Project Points to a Rise in Paranormal Belief

Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts and psychic abilities used to be the stuff of checkout-line tabloids and daytime TV. But now these, and many more beliefs like them, are securing a spot in the mainstream.

Read about professor Christopher Bader's research on the paranormal
Concentrating the Power of Cancer-Killing Drugs

Concentrating the Power of Cancer-Killing Drugs

A scientist at Chapman University School of Pharmacy is working to improve how powerful cancer-killing drugs reach their targets, potentially increasing survival rates for millions of women while easing the abysmal side effects of treatment.

Read about professor Kamaljit Kaur's research on cancer-killing drugs

Research in Action

From Environmental and food sciences to big data and economic, research and creative activity at Chapman University is embed into every subject in every school. Chapman has world renowned faculty and established national and international prominence with several Institutes and Centers that promote interdisciplinary research.

For example, the Economic Science Institute with Nobel Prize winner Professor Vernon Smith, the Institute for Quantum Studies with National Medal of Science winner, Professor Yakir Aharonov, and the Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education with bestseller author and scholar Professor Marilyn Harran. All of this creates amazing opportunities for students at Chapman and enhances institutional reputation.