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A world-changing idea begins with curiosity. At Chapman, we are fully invested in fostering that curiosity and the individuals with the passionate drive to explore the answers.

By the Numbers

$11 million Amount of Research Expenditures in FY2017

Research Expenditures are reported as part of the NSF HERD Survey.

6x Increase in the number of publications over the past 10 years by Chapman faculty.

Publications are the result of peer reviewed journals, books and other scholarly works.

697 Graduate Degrees (Doctoral, Masters, JD) conferred in 2016-2017

Undergraduate and graduate students working in research is fundamental in advancing knowledge creation and part of their degree program.

51% freshman expressed interest in research with faculty

The Center for Undergraduate Excellence is a resource for students to find out about research and creative activity.

Bart Wilson with student.

The Evolution of Human Cooperation-New research investigates the economics of decision making.

Why and how humans share food resources differs uniquely from any other species. In this new research, the authors study the choice between stealing and sharing where there is only voluntary engagement and no external enforcement agency. Hoping to shed light on the origins of human cooperation and exchange, they conducted an experiment to determine whether an abundance of perishable resources triggers an adaptive sharing response in humans.“We tend to think that people are instinctively selfish, and in our experiment they initially are,” said Bart Wilson, Ph.D., professor and director of Chapman University’s Smith Institute for Political Economy and Philosophy

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Getting to the Root of Racist Hate

Chapman researcher Pete Simi says we shouldn't be surprised by violent nature of white supremacists.

Chapman University Professor Pete Simi has been to birthday parties where the cake was shaped like a swastika. He has seen a 5-year-old casually snap into a Nazi salute and heard other children recite horribly racist nursery rhymes from memory. He has listened to a white nationalist describe fits of rage so intense that after the man rained ax-handle blows on a victim, he vomited from physical and emotional exhaustion. Such are the experiences of a researcher who for more than two decades has immersed himself in the study of racist communities to unearth the roots of their extremist behavior.

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New study into child opioid use in hospitals

Dr. Brooke Jenkins receives 2018 Kay Foundation Data Analytic Grant


Chapman University Assistant Professor of Psychology Brooke Jenkins was recently selected as one of the recipients of the 2018 Kay Foundation Data Analytic grant for her research project, “Opioid Epidemic in Children: Leveraging Big Data from Electronic Medical Records to Assess Opioid Prescription and Use in the Children’s Hospital Setting.” Seventeen applications were submitted and scored by peer reviewers. Dr. Jenkins’ project was one of five selected. Her award is $96,000.00 and spans 2 years.

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Research in Action

From Environmental and food sciences to big data and economic, research and creative activity at Chapman University is embed into every subject in every school. Chapman has world renowned faculty and established national and international prominence with several Institutes and Centers that promote interdisciplinary research.

For example, the Economic Science Institute with Nobel Prize winner Professor Vernon Smith, the Institute for Quantum Studies with National Medal of Science winner, Professor Yakir Aharonov, and the Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education with bestseller author and scholar Professor Marilyn Harran. All of this creates amazing opportunities for students at Chapman and enhances institutional reputation.

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