» Frequently Asked Questions

[9/20, updated]

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions in regards to the animal care and use program at Chapman, including procedures and processes. If your question is not answered below, please contact the IACUC at iacuc@chapman.edu.

+ - What training is needed?

The IACUC at Chapman requires that all persons conducting animal studies, including faculty, students, staff, and collaborators, possess training which is appropriate to the proposed usage.  That will include both factual knowledge and hands-on experience.  Go to the training tab for more information.

+ - Need a copy of your CITI training record?

Follow this link for instructions from the CITI group on how to obtain your CITI training report and determine whether your animal research welfare and regulations training needs to be renewed/updated.

+ - Have a question about animal research at Chapman?

Contact the IACUC office or the Chapman Office of Research at 714.628.2805 for general questions.

See also this link: Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

+ - Trouble getting into the Cayuse IACUC website?

You must be authorized to gain access.  Refer to the Cayuse IACUC user authentication tab under the Cayuse Protocol Submission Process section.

+ - Are you a potential industry partner with Chapman?

Contact the Office of Sponsored Projects Services at 714.628.2805 to learn more about collaborations.