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The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program, one of the oldest and most prestigious national scholarships in the natural sciences, engineering and mathematics in the United States, seeks to identify and support college sophomores and juniors who show exceptional promise of becoming this Nation’s next generation of research leaders in these fields.

Barry Goldwater Scholarships are awarded to outstanding juniors and sophomores who intend to pursue research careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering.


  • College sophomores or juniors
  • US citizens or those on US resident visas
  • Must be studying mathematics, natural sciences or engineering
  • Must intend to pursue a doctoral degree in one of the above disciplines
  • Students must submit a pre-application: https://scholarsapply.org/barrygoldwater/

Candidate Profile:

Academically outstanding undergraduates who can make a compelling case that they intend to and will actually pursue a research career in mathematics, natural sciences or engineering.


Scholarships of up to $7,500 a year are provided to help cover costs associated with tuition, mandatory fees, books, room and board.

  • A sophomore who receives a Goldwater Scholarship will receive up to $7,500 in each of his/her junior and senior years.
  • A junior who receives a Goldwater Scholarship will receive up to $7,500 in his/her senior year.