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Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Undergraduate Excellence is to support Chapman University's goal of providing personalized education by promoting and facilitating student-faculty mentored and collaborative research, scholarship, and creative activities.

Beyond the classroom, in every discipline, many students build their scholarly research and creative skills by participating in student-initiated research or creative activity and/or by assisting with faculty-initiated research or creative activity.

Involvement in research, scholarship, and creative activity at the undergraduate level has been demonstrated as a high-impact educational practice with numerous benefits for students, including increased retention, graduation, and graduate school enrollment rates; improved critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills; intellectual independence and confidence; and enhanced understanding of research methodologies and practices within a given discipline.

Our programs help Chapman University’s ambitious students thrive and grow, and the events highlight undergraduate achievements and encourage intellectual community.

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415 E. Walnut (Next to the dorms and across from Keck)

CUE House

Meet the Team

photo of Julye Bidmead, Ph.D

Julye Bidmead, Ph.D

415 E. Walnut
photo of Lisa  Kendrick

Lisa Kendrick

Operations Manager
415 E. Walnut
photo of Jackie Cardwell

Jackie Cardwell

Administrative Assistant
415 E. Walnut
photo of Atty  McLellan '18

Atty McLellan '18

Shinnyo Fellow
415 E. Walnut
photo of Aidan  Jones

Aidan Jones

Student Designer/Webmaster/Office Assistant
415 E. Walnut
photo of Jacqueline van Bronkhorst

Jacqueline van Bronkhorst

Student Blog/Copywriter/Office Assistant

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+ - Advisory Board

Allen Quaylan
Brooke Jenkins
David Pincus
Elaine Schwartz
Jason Keller
Kelli Fuery
Michelle Miller-Day
Robin Kish
Stephanie Takaragawa
Steven Gjerstad
Wendy Salmond