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Below you will find various SPS resources to assist you while applying for and managing your grants. Check back regularly as we add to this page. 

Budget for Grant Proposal Workshop Presentation

Budget for Grant Proposal Workshop Slides

Copy of SPS Extra Pay Request Form

Cost Transfer Request Form

Federal Salary Cap Budget Template 

Federal (No Salary Cap) Budget Template 

Non-Federal Budget Template

JE Template

ORICD ID (Open Researcher and Contributior ID)

The NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy at 1 Year Workshop

SPS ERCR Template

SPS Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

1. Check with your College/School budget manager and verify you have PeopleSoft reporting secu grants with "All Accounts" access (required for grants dashboard)

2. Open up a ticket in Jira:
  1. Select Financial Services
  2. Select Security & Workflow
  3. Summary - Request Grants Dashboard Access
  4. Description - Request Grants Dashboard Access
  5. Additional Request Participants - enter your supervisor's name and budget manager.