» Generate Your Idea

All sponsored activity begins with the Principal Investigator’s idea!  Whether it be a scientific project, an educational program, a workshop or a conference, developing a quality proposal is no small endeavor.  SPS Research Administrators and Sponsored Projects (SP) Analysts are here to help faculty through that process and provide assistance with navigating the administrative sponsor guidelines, creating a proposal development timeline, securing required collaborator documents, developing budgets, etc.
It’s also important to keep in mind that no idea is too big or too small.  Funding opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, with project periods and budget limits varying greatly.  There are even internal funding opportunities offered by Chapman University!  SPS can help find the right fit for your idea.  If you prefer to search for funding opportunities on our own, PIVOT is a great tool to hone in on potential funding.

Investigator Initiated Proposals:

Do you have an idea that you’d like to bring to fruition?  No matter your area of sponsored activity, whether it be chemistry, religious studies, or dance…there are funding opportunities that may fit the bill.  If you have an idea for a potential project or program but aren’t sure where to go from there, contact SPS and we can help.

Sponsor Requests for Proposals:

Has a sponsor like NIH, NSF, or Department of Education released a request for proposals that’s within your area of interest?  If so, contact your college SP Analyst or your SPS Research Administrator.  They can assist through the entire submission process.

Reach Out:

Colleagues are a great resource when it comes to talking through an idea.  It can be helpful to get feedback from them before committing to proposal development.  Another excellent resource is the sponsor themselves!  Sponsors often encourage researchers to contact the appropriate Program Official to discuss your proposal idea and confirm it’s within their area of interest for a specific funding opportunity.

For more information about Funding Opportunities, visit the Find Your Funding page!