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Chapman University Institutional Review Board has now switched to Cayuse IRB production system, for online submission and processing of human subject research studies (protocols) in accordance with Chapman University, federal, ethical, and regulatory standards. To log in to Cayuse and submit an application please visit the Cayuse IRB tab.  

+ - Consent Forms

The IRB will occasionally make recommendations or edits to consent forms received for review to assure wording is consistent with the protocol and for compliance purposes. 

In order for the IRB to process and approve your consent form in a timely manner we ask that you attach a PDF version of the consent form within the Cayuse application on the specified page.  





+ - Non Research Determination Form

The federal regulations include a very specific definition for what constitutes “research” (see 45 CFR 46.102(d)) and for what is meant by a “human subject” (see 45 CFR 46.102(f)). A formal determination from the IRB can be made if their project either is not research and/or does not involve human subjects (e.g., as may be required by a student’s doctoral dissertation committee, a funding agency, or a journal editor). The IRB will not provide a formal written determination after the project has been initiated.

If you are unsure whether your project meets this criteria, contact the IRB staff before submitting your application for review.

  • The federal research regulations [45 CFR 46] do not require the IRB to make a formal determination that projects are not research, or do not involve human subjects. Thus, this application form should be used only if a formal determination is required by a university entity (e.g., dissertation committee) or by an external agency.    

Non Research Determination Form