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Note about accessing your email

After reviewing the steps below, you may bookmark PantherMail (Outlook) or PantherMail (Google) in your browser for quick access in the future.

Students with email address ending in @chapman.edu

This will apply to most students being admitted for a 2017 term and onward. You will be provided an Office 365 Outlook email account and provisioned with an email in the format of username@chapman.edu . To access this account, use the Outlook link below and log in with the student email and password that you will have received in a letter from Chapman's Office of Admission. See User Guide for first-time setup.

PantherMail (Outlook)

If you have activated or reset your password recently, please allow the system to update for up to 30 minutes prior to logging in.

Students & Alumni with email address ending in @mail.chapman.edu

This will apply to most current students, and alumni, already at Chapman in 2016 or prior. If your email ends in @mail.chapman.edu you will continue to use your PantherMail account, powered by Google. Login at the link below.

PantherMail (Google)

All students should review the Email Usage Guidelines for tips on using email appropriately at Chapman University.

Panthermail, powered by Google

As applies to current students and alumni...

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