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Important Note:

Dropbox is no longer the recommended cloud storage solution at Chapman University. Receive 10x additional storage capacity and increased data security by trying Microsoft OneDrive.  Read more here about the transition.

Google Drive is also available, but we expect reduced storage quotas on the product in 2022 due to changes in Google’s policies.  Read the comparison between OneDrive and Google Drive here.

Will existing licenses be removed?

  • There is no current timeline to fully retire DropBox for Business.

    Accessing Shared Folders of  Free Accounts
  • Users who currently have Dropbox Pro licenses can still share folders with users that do not have a Pro license. Anyone who does not currently have a Pro license can create a free/basic Dropbox account and the owner of the shared folder can invite them to collaborate. This method will give the user with the free/basic account full access to the shared folder without requiring a full license.

What if I want to create my own cloud storage and folder collaboration?

  • Users who need to create their own cloud shared folders are highly encouraged to do so using Office 365 OneDrive (preferred) or Google Drive.

Need a DropBox license?


Please also see our Cloud Storage Guidance blog for more information regarding cloud storage solutions at Chapman University.