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Water Conservation

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The university is committed to prudent stewardship of vital resources such as energy and water. In 2014, the City of Orange announced water restrictions as a response to statewide mandates necessitated by deepening drought conditions. Chapman immediately complied as it also developed long-term strategies that anticipated further challenges ahead. As a result, the university has implemented a host of water-saving measures designed to meet the needs of the moment and those to come.

Completed Water Conservation Initiatives: 2014 To Present

Current Projects

Chapman's water-conservation initiatives have converted thousands of square feet of turf to drought-tolerant landscaping while also replacing spray irrigation with highly efficient drip systems. These water-wise measures continue all across campus.

When completed, more than 17,550 square feet of the campus turf will have been converted to drip irrigation systems, saving 484,828 gallons of water annually.

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Water - Wise Landscaping

Follow along on Chapman's Water-Wise Landscape Tour! Click on "Tours" next to "Locations" under the search bar to find the virtual tour. Then take a stroll through campus and enjoy the drought tolerant landscapes we've added.