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Institutional Compliance

» Compliance Week

Welcome to Compliance Week! While compliance should be a daily practice, this week is meant to educate and bring awareness to Chapman's commitment to compliance and the resources available to you. To kick-off the week, we've made several informational graphics and accompanying games to play! Complete a game for a chance to win a small prize from our department. Complete all of the games for more chances to win!

The deadline to send in your answers for the games is Saturday, November 13. Winners will be contacted on Tuesday, November 16. 


Monday (11/8): Why Compliance Matters

(Play a game of scavenger hunt to test your skills) 

Wednesday (11/10): Learn More about Chapman's Policies

(Test your knowledge of Chapman's Policies)

Friday (11/12): Tips to Know About Reporting

(Complete the crossword to test your knowledge on reporting. Send a screen capture of your completed puzzle to  

Ethics Anonymous Reporting Helpline

Chapman University has contracted with an outside provider, Ethicspoint, Inc. to receive reports regarding concerns over financial irregularities (and similar ethics related matters).

For more information on when and how to report, refer to the Ethical Concerns Brochure.

Click below to file a report.