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Welcome to Compliance Week! While compliance should be a daily practice, this week is meant to educate and bring awareness to Chapman's commitment to compliance and the resources available to you. Compliance Week typically occurs every year around November.

This year, Compliance Week is from November 6th to November 10th! This year’s theme is “Every Detail Matters.” We will discuss phishing, fraud, and record retention this year. In each of these categories, small details have enormous implications. We’ll provide helpful information and exciting stories.


 Day 1 - Even Small Phishes Have Big Impact

Phishing is such an important topic we felt the the need to re-iterate it after IS&T’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Please click here to read their article on Phishing.

Phishing relies on the recipient not noticing small details such as incorrect spellings or uncharacteristic requests. Read the handout to find out these small details led to big impacts.

Activity: Spot the Difference

Click the link in inspect both emails. There are at least FOUR items that show the second email is a phishing email. Identify 3 of them to complete the activity.

Submit your answers here.


Day 2 - Fraud Strikes Again!

Fraud is the wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Fraud comes in all different shapes and sizes, but they all rely on a deception. Each detail is important. This is why in a shipping environment, it is important to(1) verify that there is an official request for an asset, (2) the asset was paid for was the item actually requested, and (3) the asset was actually received.

Read our fictional newspaper “The Compliance Gazette” to read about how some fraudsters were able to commit their crimes, by changing details about their scheme.

Read the Compliance Gazette here.

Activity: Jeoparty

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is celebrating International Fraud Awareness Week from November 12-18, 2023. They have prepared some resources for their event, including “Jeoparty.” We have taken advantage of this resource for your entertainment and used the ACFE’s idea to bring you “Chapman Jeoparty”

Click here to see game board.

Rules: Answer enough questions to earn “$2,000.” Submit your answers here.

NOTE: You do NOT need to answer every question. Only enough questions to earn $2,000

The answer key will be uploaded here after Compliance Week has completed.


Day 3 - Record Retention

Record retention is not an exciting topic, but it is an important task in higher education. If you were a student, you know the importance of being able to go back and requests transcripts from an alma mater. Record retention crosses different regulatory requirements including state and federal departments. A college creates so many different records of a student that it can be daunting to track them all.

Click here to learn some useful information about Record Retention.

Activity: Hangmoon

There are 6 phrases in the game. Guess all 6 and screen capture your score. Email your results to

Click here to participate in the hangmoon game.

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