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Fire Permit for Filming

Safety during film and television production, whether on campus or off, is of paramount importance and part of the education process. Film production can encompass a wide variety of hazards and even ordinary activities can become precarious on a soundstage. Dodge College students need to be aware of these activities which require filming permits and coordinate the planning with Fire & Life Safety. These include,

  • Open flames
  • Hazardous materials
  • Atmospheric and special effects
  • Prop/Picture vehicles
  • Electrical generators
  • Live audiences

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Prop Weapons Usage

The safe handling, use and storage of weapons are of the utmost importance on set. It is vitally important for all crew to understand the proper safety procedures for the use of prop weapons on and off set. 

It is crucial that students understand that a film shoot using weapons without proper notification to all parties could be mistaken for a real crime in progress, with possibly fatal consequences. Therefore, the intended use of a prop as a weapon of any kind - including but not limited to prop guns, swords, knives, and blunt instruments - must receive prior approval through the inspection process before any filming may take place involving weapons, whether on or off campus.

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Filming Permit for Use of Residence Life

The use of the Residence Life and First Year Experience areas is a guarded process due to the privacy and sanctuary of our residential students. Care and consideration should be given to neighboring residents and the community when filming in the residence halls and apartments. Due to the nature of the location a number of individuals must be consulted and signatures obtained; allow at least two weeks for processing.

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Below are frequently asked questions for film productions.

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Student filming

Student filming