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The Payroll Department is located at 633 W. Palm Ave in the Financial Services office

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    Biweekly employees - every other Friday.  

    Monthly employees - 26th of the month

    If the pay date falls on a banking holiday or a weekend day, the pay date will be moved to the closed business day prior.  For more information on determining your exact pay date please see the Payroll Calendar page. 

    Paycheck Modeler

    Calculate a "what if" scenario.  Note: the paycheck modeler is not available during the merit increase period and after the last payroll processing of the month through the last day of the month due to month end processes.

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    2022 Payroll Tax Information

    • FICA-OASDI – 2022 annual wage limit $147,000 maximum tax $9,114.00
    • FICA-HI – 2022 Medicare Tax limits are unchanged
      • 1.45% up to $200,000 wage base
      • 2.35% greater than $200,000 wage base no limit
    • CA-SDI –2022 annual wage limit $145,600 maximum tax 1.1%

    Mailing Address Garnishment Service Address
    Chapman University
    Payroll Services
    One University Dr.
    Orange, CA 92866
    Chapman University
    321 N. Glassell St
    Memorial Hall, Suite 210
    Orange, CA 92866


    When contacting Payroll Office via e-mail please include your full legal name, department or location, employee ID number, and the details of your inquiry. For your identity theft prevention safety, do not include your social security number on emails.


    Fax: (714) 997-6992 


    Payroll Staff

    Director of Payroll Services Shannon Turner (714) 997-6598
    Administrator, FT Faculty, PTLs (9-Month Agreement) Vi Pham  (714) 997-6949
    Student Employees and PTLs (Course Contract) Marissa Torres (714) 997-6877
    Staff Vivianne Carrillo (714) 997-6967
  • W2 Information

    Online W2's are available through PeopleSoft Self Service for active employees and will be available by January 31. When the W2's are available an announcement will be sent via email.

    Printed W2's will be sent by U.S... Postal Service First Class mail by January 31. Allow at least five to seven business days to receive your W2.

    Go green and consent to digital only copies of your W-2 in the Employee Self Service Portal found at Working@Chapman.

    Recently Moved

    If you recently moved and did not notify Payroll (payroll@chapman.edu) or Human Resources (hroffice@chapman.edu) of your new address, please notify us promptly.

    In regards to your W2, allow an additional ten business days for the U.S... Postal Service to forward your W2 to your new address. If after ten to fourteen business days you have not received your W2, notify your Payroll Office to request a replacement, after February 21st.

    If your W2 is undeliverable, the U.S... Postal Service will return your W2 to the Payroll Office.

    Request W2 Replacement

    For our employee’s protection of their privacy, all W2 replacement requests are required in writing.  Secondly, Payroll Office will only recognize a replacement request made by the employee.  Requests made on behalf of an employee by a spouse, parent, children, extended family, accountant, or friends will be denied.

    If you wish to pick up your Replacement W2 in person, all individuals are required to show identification (picture ID) prior to the release of the W2. 

    Payroll will start issuing W2 copies after February 21st. You may fax or email a request to the Payroll Office (payroll@chapman.edu).

    Data required when requesting your W2 Replacement:

    1. Full Legal Name
    2. Employee Number (Datatel#) 
    3. Last four digits of your Social Security Number
    4. Short statement that you are requesting a replacement W2
    5. Contact Phone Number
    6. Current Address (if you choose to have your W2 mailed) 

    Replacement Processing

    Please ensure your W2 is in a safe place.  Be proactive, do not wait until April 15 to look for your W2 or request a replacement at the very last minute.  Replacement W2s are processed on a weekly basis, all duplicates will be mailed by Friday of each week.  For security purposes replacement W2's will not be faxed, but will emailed to your University email address, available on ESS, pickup or mailed only. After receipt of a W2 replacement request, allow two to three business days for Payroll Office to process a replacement.  All requests will be processed on a first come first serve basis. 

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