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Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences is the proud home of the Phyllis and Ross Escalette Permanent Art Collection. The collection is supported by an endowment established by the late Phyllis and Ross Escalette, and is comprised mostly of contemporary and modern paintings, prints, and sculpture. Rather than being housed in a museum or gallery, The Escalette Collection functions as a "museum without walls" where artwork is displayed throughout the Chapman campus in hallways, public spaces, and study areas. The collection is free and open to the public to view.

Mission statement: The Escalette Permanent Art Collection, Chapman’s "museum without walls," believes art should be a public resource that educates, inspires and evokes empathy.

Current Exhibitions:
  • Bound in Bone
  • LOOK!
  • Relative Fantasies
  • Bound in Bone

    Roosevelt Hall, 1st Floor
    Open 7am-7pm Monday-Friday
    Tours available by appointment on weekends

    x-ray-like image of suitcase with objects inside it 
    In response to Wilkinson College’s 2023 Engaging the World Initiative, Leading the Conversation on Health Equity, the Escalette Collection of Art partnered Wilkinson and Crean College students with LA-based artist Jenny Yurshansky to create an experiential display.

    Bound in Bone relates students' memories of family resilience, recovery from hardship or trauma, and health and well-being through objects. Creating Bound in Bone was a semester-long project involving multiple classes and student workshops. 

  • LOOK! - On the Nature of Perception

    Beckman Hall, 4th Floor near the George Bush Conference Center 

    Detailed graphite drawing of an elderly man's face on a pink donut box.

    LOOK! – On the Nature of Perception is a student-curated exhibition that explores the theme of perception, both in formal and conceptual terms. The works in this exhibition challenge viewers’ assumptions about the world around them, presenting alternate imagery and meanings to question the reliability of our own perceptions of the world.

    LOOK! was curated by students in Marcus Herse's Curitorial Practice class (Spring 2023): Olivia Brewin, Kennedy Cardenas, Connor Choy, Hannah Emmerson, Chelsea Rose Farinaro, Tayla Grainger, Gabi Guevara, Vivina Juarez, Eugene Kim, Anna Ledbetter, Sweet Lou Mader Dauk, Mya Mannoni, Bella Ocana, Arianna Patterson, Nicola Trojovsky, and Sloan Watson.

  • Relative Fantasies

    Beckman Hall, 4th Floor near Academic Advising Offices

    profile of head with anatomical details surrounded by roses and various figures on bottom edge.
    Relative Fantasies is a student-curated exhibit of works by Carole Caroompas, Ellina Kevorkian, and Suvan Geer, a trio of Southern California artists all considering the contemporary meaning of femininity, but each with distinct materials, styles, and viewpoints. Throughout this exhibit, Caroompas, Kevorkian, and Geer tell three different stories of what it means to love, experience heartbreak, and challenge tradition through their experiences and critiques of what it is to live as a woman in the modern era.

    Relative Fantasies was curated by students in Georgia Lassner's Gallery Practice class (Spring 2023): Alex Kraft, Kiera Laehy, Bella Marinos, Leonid Osipov, Juju Pinto, Kiley Silkman, and Devyn Pon.

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