» Emergency Management

Welcome to the Emergency Management website for Chapman University. This site will serve as the official source of information during and following a campus emergency and a resource for preparedness and procedures to respond to a variety of campus incidents. 

The fundamental goal of emergency management is to minimize the effects of disasters and is accomplished in five recognized phases:

  • Prevention of human hazards from natural and manmade disasters.
  • Preparedness through planning, training, equipping, exercising, and evaluating in a continuous cycle.
  • Response when disasters occur, utilizing the Incident Command System in an all-hazards approach, coordinating university resources with local, state, and federal agencies to save lives, protect property, and to protect the environment.
  • Recovery involves maintaining and restoring critical functions to resume the university’s mission as timely as possible following a disaster.
  • Mitigation is the effort to reduce risks and lessen the impact of disasters and emergencies.
The Chapman University Fire & Life Safety Department has primary responsibility for emergency management on campus; however, building a culture of preparedness is the shared responsibility of all Chapman students, faculty, and staff.