» Research Integrity

Chapman University is committed to a culture of research excellence and strives to provide a strong foundation for the implementation, maintenance and assessment of all essential research compliance activities. All research activities undertaken by faculty, staff, and students at Chapman will be conducted in accordance with strict ethical principles and in compliance with federal, state and institutional regulations and policies. The Office of Research works with faculty oversight committees to promote the ethical and responsible conduct of research and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements relating to research involving human and vertebrate animal subjects, recombinant DNA, biohazards, radioactive materials, responsible conduct of research, conflicts of interest, and U.S. export controls. The Office of Research provides resources and support in the following areas:

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Chapman University's authorized regulatory committee that reviews, approves, denies and provides ongoing oversight of all research involving human subjects in accordance with OHRP and FDA regulations.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Chapman University's IACUC is charged with evaluating the ethical and scientific merit of research investigations and teaching activities that involve animal subjects.

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

As defined by the NSF and NIH, the Responsible Conduct of Research is the practice of scientific investigation with integrity. The University oversees training of graduate and undergraduate students on the application of established professional norms and ethical principles in the performance of all activities related to scientific research, including those funded by federally sponsored grants.

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)

Chapman University maintains a Financial Conflict of Interest policy to promote objectivity in teaching and research and to ensure the appropriate management of actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest by all senior or key research personnel conducting research.

Export Controls

The U.S. government controls exports of sensitive equipment, software and technology as a means to promote our national security interests and foreign policy objectives. Chapman University and its employees are required to comply with applicable export control laws and regulations.

Foreign Influence

Chapman University has recently observed heightened awareness and increased activity related to the issue of foreign influence in academia within the federal government and amongst peer institutions. Federal funding agencies have issued new requirements and guidance regarding how the academic research community should be responding to this evolving issue. This Foreign Influence webpage is to provide Chapman researchers general information and awareness tools to better understand the evolving compliance landscape.