» Proposal Preparation

This section will assist the investigator in developing, obtaining institutional signoff and submitting proposals for sponsored projects. Investigators seek external support for a research grants, scholarly and creative activity. For example, basic, applied and translational research, student research, sabbatical leaves, fellowships, interdisciplinary initiatives, instructional or curriculum improvements, conference or scientific meetings, equipment acquisition or construction, community outreach and other sponsored types of activity. 

Proposals generally include the following components at a minimum:

  1. Abstract - a brief overview of the proposed project outlining the objective and goals, approach, impact, and significance.
  2. Scope of Work (Project Narrative) - this will describe in detail the proposed project objective(s), method, project work plan, personnel, and intellectual merit or significance. 
  3. Budget and Justification - a financial representation of the narrative. It should include a reasonable estimate of the financial resources needed to complete the scope of work. Costs need to be justified and categorized into direct or indirect costs.