» Research and Graduate Education Staff

Office of Research

photo of Dr. Martina Nieswandt

Dr. Martina Nieswandt

Vice President for Research and Graduate Education
Von Neumann Hall 104
714-516-5799 (office) // 714-936-7529 (cell)
photo of Marie-Gabrielle Brooks

Marie-Gabrielle Brooks

Director of Operations and Finance
Von Neumann Hall 105
(714) 628-2849
photo of Sandra Rogoff

Sandra Rogoff

Office of Research Coordinator
Von Neumann Hall
(714) 628-2887
photo of Tate Renville

Tate Renville

Executive Assistant
Von Neumann Hall 106
(714) 289-3108

Research Integrity

photo of Jen Donais

Jen Donais

Assistant Vice President of Research Integrity and Compliance
Remote/Von Neumann Hall 102
photo of Judith Tran

Judith Tran

Senior Compliance Administrator
Von Neumann Hall 103
(714) 516-5352
photo of Brian Henriquez

Brian Henriquez

Research Compliance Administrator
Rinker Campus
photo of Natalie  Del Rio

Natalie Del Rio

IRB Administrator
Von Neumann Hall 101
(714) 628-7392

Sponsored Projects Services

photo of Molly McCarty

Molly McCarty

Director of Pre-Award Administration
Von Neumann Hall 123
(714) 628-7394
photo of Morgan Sohrabian

Morgan Sohrabian

Director of Post-Award Administration
Von Neumann Hall 122
(714) 628-2816
photo of Megan Faulkner

Megan Faulkner

Senior Research Administrator
Von Neumann Hall 112
(714) 516-5459
photo of Shawn Scott

Shawn Scott

Senior Contracts and Grants Administrator
Von Neumann Hall 107
(714) 526-5826
photo of Kristen Edmonds

Kristen Edmonds

Pre and Post Award Research Administrator
Remote/Von Neumann Hall 112
(714) 516-4577
photo of Mahnaz Asghari

Mahnaz Asghari

Sponsored Projects Analyst
Von Neumann Hall 117
(714) 744-7635
photo of Larissa Wong

Larissa Wong

Research Grants Analyst
Von Neumann Hall
(714) 516-5351
photo of Stephanie Monne

Stephanie Monne

Research Grants Analyst
Von Neumann Hall
(714) 516-5401
photo of Jason Warner

Jason Warner

Research Grants Analyst
Von Neumann Hall

Industry Alliances and Commercialization

photo of Lawrence Lau

Lawrence Lau

Director of Industry Alliances and Commercialization
Von Neumann Hall 121
(714) 628-2875


photo of Kimberly Suh

Kimberly Suh

Assistant Director of Operations
Rinker Campus
(714) 516-5504
photo of Sarah Chavez

Sarah Chavez

Rinker Campus
photo of Cindy Nguyen

Cindy Nguyen

Rinker Campus
photo of Julia Muniz

Julia Muniz

Rinker Campus

Graduate Education

no photo available for Innokentiy Maslennikov

Innokentiy Maslennikov

Interim VP for Graduate Education
Von Neumann Hall 113
+1 (714) 516-5448
photo of Lonnise  Magallanez

Lonnise Magallanez

Graduate Education Operations Administrator
Von Neumann Hall 115
+1 (714) 516-5030