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Office of Research

photo of Thomas  Piechota, PhD, PE

Thomas Piechota, PhD, PE

Vice President for Research
Von Neumann Hall 104
(714) 628-2897
photo of Rennolds Ostrom, PhD

Rennolds Ostrom, PhD

Faculty Fellow
(714) 516-5434
photo of Taryn Stroop

Taryn Stroop

Operations Administrator
Von Neumann Hall 103
(714) 628-2849
no photo available for Sandra Rogoff

Sandra Rogoff

Office of Research Coordinator
Von Neumann Hall
(714) 628-2887
photo of Anna Schluckebier

Anna Schluckebier

Student Admin Assistant, Office of Research
Von Neumann Hall
(402) 881-6710
photo of Spencer Seebach

Spencer Seebach

Student Admin Assistant, Office of Research
Von Neumann Hall
(805) 657-8480

Research Integrity

no photo available for Michael Briggs, MBA

Michael Briggs, MBA

Director of Research Integrity
Von Neumann Hall 101
(714) 628-7201
no photo available for Natalie  Del Rio

Natalie Del Rio

IRB/FCOI Administrator
Von Neumann Hall 102
(714) 628-7392
photo of Bruce Kennedy, MS RLATG CMAR CPIA EdD

Bruce W. Kennedy, MS RLATG CMAR CPIA EdD

IACUC Administrator
Rinker Campus (RK-94 296C)
(714) 628-2844
no photo available for Breanna Salinas

Breanna Salinas

IRB/IACUC Graduate Assistant
Von Neumann Hall

Sponsored Projects Services

photo of Megan Faulkner

Megan Faulkner

Research Administrator (PreAward & Non-Financial PostAward)
photo of Molly McCarty

Molly McCarty

Research Administrator (PreAward & Non-Financial PostAward)
Von Neumann Hall 106
(714) 628-7394
photo of Jill Borland, CRA

Jill M. Borland, CRA

Director of Sponsored Projects Services
Von Neumann Hall 105
(714) 628-7383
photo of Shawn Scott

Shawn Scott

Contracts and Grants Administrator (Post-Award Financials & Accounting)
(714) 526-5826
no photo available for Morgan Sohrabian

Morgan Sohrabian

Contracts and Grants Administrator
Von Neumann Hall 122
(714) 628-2816
photo of Mahnaz Asghari

Mahnaz Asghari

Sponsored Projects Analyst
Von Neumann Hall 123
(714) 997-6947
photo of Roxanne Vergara

Roxanne Vergara

Sponsored Projects Analyst
(714) 628-7218
photo of Tuccoa Polk

Tuccoa Polk

Sponsored Projects Analyst (Crean College of Health & Behavioral Sciences)
(714) 744-7026
photo of Rebecca Tangen

Rebecca Tangen

Sponsored Projects Analyst

Industry Alliances and Commercialization

photo of Lawrence Lau

Lawrence Lau

Director of Industry Alliances and Commercialization
Von Neumann Hall 121
(714) 628-2875


no photo available for Kimberly Suh

Kimberly Suh

Vivarium Manager
Rinker Campus
(714) 516-5504
no photo available for Sarah Chavez

Sarah Chavez

Animal Health Technician
Rinker Campus