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Sponsored Projects - Externally funded activity in which a formal agreement is entered into by the University and the sponsor. The project requires a statement of work, a period of performance, budget, and financial reporting. The following are types of sponsored agreements. 

  • Grant - Financial assistance award to Chapman either as a prime award or as a subcontract through another party. Awards provide funds, property, or both to carry out a proposed scope of work, typically defined by the PI. The sponsor retains the right to revoke an award with unused funds reverting to the sponsor. Technical and financial reporting are required.
  • Contract - A procurement agreement requiring specific deliverables and a defined scope of work. Mutually agreed upon terms and specific obligations are imposed on all parties to the contract as legally binding obligations. Examples of contracts include teaming agreements, professional service agreements, industry partnerships and licensing agreements. 
  • Cooperative Agreement - Financial assistance awards with substantial funder involvement.
  • Fellowship - Financial assistance to individuals (predoctoral or postdoctoral).

Unfunded Agreements - Collaborative agreements between individuals or institutions without monetary funding or payment from a sponsor in return for services, personnel effort or other in-kind matching. Unfunded agreements may involve the provision or exchange of something of value. Unfunded agreements set out expectations, terms and requirements that protect the interests of investigators and participating organizations. Examples of unfunded agreements include memorandum of understanding (MOU), material transfer agreement (MTA), nondisclosure agreements (NDA), and cooperative research and development agreements (CRADA).

Gifts - Funding from individual donors or organizations that is charitable in nature. Donors do not receive economic value in return for providing funding, including tangible property (such as equipment) or intangible property (such as inventions, copyrights, or rights in data). Funds may be restricted as a "directed gift" whereby the donor defines the project's purpose or specific area of focus, or funds may be unrestricted and used for general operating support. Gifts are not classified as sponsored projects and are processed through University Advancement

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