» IACUC Protocol Submission & Review Process

Chapman University uses the Cayuse Protocol Management System to maintain all approved animal protocols.

There are two webpages that are available to all lab research staff:

  1. Production Site: https://chapman.esirius.cayuse.com/esirius3g
    • Official website where all animal protocols are created, amended, and/or reviewed.
  2. Training Site: https://chapman.stg-esirius.cayuse.com/esirius3g
    • A training website where lab research staff can practice creating protocols and/or practice navigating the website.
    • Protocols written in the training site cannot be moved to the production site. Content can, however, be cut and pasted.

To get started, please read all tabs below:

  • Getting Started
  • Protocol Review Process
  • Definitions
  • Protocol Review Timelines
  • Resources