» Post-Award Administration

Awards are made to Chapman University, with the technical work being managed by the Principal Investigator (PI) of that award.  The Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) Contracts & Grants Administrators are the institutional officials tasked with the financial monitoring and oversight of sponsored activity funds, and work in conjunction with SPS Research Administrators, PIs, and departmental grant support staff to provide post-award administration for all externally funding projects and programs.  SPS Contracts & Grants Administrator activities include:

  • Serving as the university’s financial official in relation to all sponsored activity
  • Establishing sponsored project codes and creating detailed budgets in the university’s financial system of record
    • PIs and department support staff can then access budget and expenditure details, as well as project balances
  • Working with PIs and funding agencies to ensure proper financial management of awards through the life of the project
  • Preparation and submission of required financial reports
  • Working with Financial Services and departments to ensure proper submission of project invoices
  • Monitoring of regulatory mandates and providing advisement regarding changes in agency and federal regulations, as well as changes to university research administration policies
  • Providing institutional-level review and approval of all expenses charged to sponsored projects
    • PIs and department administrators are responsible for direct oversight of project expenses to ensure costs meeting university and sponsor standards/guidelines
  • Reconciling sponsored activity accounts for final financial close-out and submission of final financial reports and/or other final financial documents required by the sponsor