» Getting Started -- Submitting a Proposal Through The Office of Research

Below is the procedural guide on how to submit grant proposals through the Office of Research. If you have any questions, please contact us at sps@chapman.edu.

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Inception to 8 weeks before submission

  • Identify a Sponsor and Program Opportunity
    • Utilize COS PIVOT, grants.gov, fedbizopps.gov, or other outside agency, foundation and organization websites to locate a sponsor and program opportunity. 
    • Read and understand the request for proposal (RFP) guidelines of the identified funding opportunity
  • Notify Appropriate Individuals
    • Discuss budget, time allocation, supplies, equipment, and space requirements to perform the project
  • Contact Collaborators (key personnel and co-investigators)
    • Develop the overall scope of work (SOW); discuss with internal and external collaborators as appropriate
    • Confirm collaborators participation; if external ensure approval is obtained from their institution

8 weeks to 10 days before submission

  • Draft Proposal
    • Draft narrative based on RFP guidelines and gather documentation (e.g., biosketch, letters of support)
    • Solicit feedback from department/college/school and colleagues and identify any school or department specific project resources needed
  • Develop Budget
    • Identify financial resources needed (e.g., personnel, travel, materials, and supplies) to complete the SOW
    • Coordinate with The Office of Research to finalize proposal budget

10 to 5 days before submission

  • Refine Proposal
    • Meet with The Office of Research to ensure final proposal addresses all RFP requirements
  • Route Proposal
    • Complete proposal routing form and route through college/school and department (Dean/Director/Supervisor and Chair if appropriate)
    • Send the signed routing form to The Office of Research with your final proposal (narrative, abstract, budget, and any supplementary documents) 

5 days before submission

  • Submit proposal
    • The Office of Research will submit your proposal once all final documents are received and reviewed
    • If proposal allows for PI to submit directly, you may do so following The Office of Research receipt of proposal routing form.


  • Update proposal (at sponsor request or if required by RFP)
    • Work with The Office of Research to address any sponsor requests for changes, clarifications, or additions to your proposal
  • Notify The Office of Research should your proposal be awarded or declined

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