» Industry Alliances

There are many types of interactions with industry and other external entities for your research such as receiving funding from industry or obtaining research materials or data outside of Chapman. The Office of Research, in collaboration with the Office of Legal Affairs, will help you put in place the appropriate agreements. The following are the different types of agreements that Chapman may enter into with external parties:

  • Industry-Sponsored Research – provides the terms and conditions for a defined research project performed at Chapman that is funded by an industry partner.
  • Material Transfer – for the transfer of noncommercial, tangible research assets such as mouse models, cell lines, or special materials for research use.  To request a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), please click here.
  • Data Use – grants the data recipient the right to use data for research purposes under specific terms and conditions.  To request a Data Use Agreement (DUA), please click here.
  • Non-Disclosure or Confidential Disclosure – facilitates discussions for potential research collaborations.
  • Fee for Services from industry – enables external party to access Chapman facilities with the use of Chapman staff. Examples include running tests and fabricating prototypes.  The work is not research in nature and the external party will pay for both staff time and facility usage.
  • Unfunded Collaborations – for when company and Chapman researchers work together and each side is responsible for its own costs.
  • Equipment Loan – for when company lend equipment to Chapman for research purposes.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – for when Chapman and an external party wish to commit to a non-legally-binding partnership for a shared goal, without any financial commitment or exchange of funds.

If you have any questions on any of the abovementioned agreements, or if you would like to establish an agreement with an external party, please contact Lawrence Lau, Director of Industry Alliances and Commercialization at lalau@chapman.edu or (714) 628-2875.