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The following technologies are available for licensing. Please do not hesitate to contact Lawrence Lau, Director of Industry Alliances & Commercialization at lalau@chapman.edu for more information. 

Case Number

Invention Title


Rapid Selective Detection of Bacteria


"Novel neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) inhibitors for the immunotherapy of human melanoma patients", joint invention with Northwestern University


"Particles for Targeted Delivery and Uses in Managing Bleeding or Blood Clotting", joint invention with Emory University


Targeting Primary Cilia with Nanoparticles


Peptide/Lipid-Associated Nucleic Acids as a Multicomponent siRNA Delivery System 


Targeted Peptide-Drug Conjugates to Overcome Multi-Drug Resistance in Cancer

2020-008 Variable Light Diffuser for Plant Leaf Gas Exchange Measurements
2022-002 Bis-Cinnamamide Derivatives as Novel APE/Ref-1 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Human Melanoma
2022-003 A Small Peptide Increases Drug Delivery in Human Melanoma Cells
2022-004 Enzymatic Break Down of Chlorogenic Acid in Sunflower Meal and Butter for Baking

Super Interferometric Range Resolution