Research and Creative Activity for Course Credit
Center for Undergraduate Excellence

» 291/491 Student-Faculty Research and Creative Activity for Course Credit

Dr. Vernon Smith going over reading with students

Student-Faculty Research/Creative Activity allows students to work directly with a faculty mentor on independent contributions to the mentor's scholarly research/creative project(s) or on the student's independent scholarly research/creative project under faculty guidance. 

This coursework is available to undergraduate matriculated students. 291 is available to all undergraduate matriculated students. 491 is available to junior/senior-level only. This allows students to earn course credit while making an original contribution to scholarship or creative work in a discipline or across disciplines. 291/491 projects are designed to enhance traditional learning formats; therefore, no degree or minor program can require 291/491 for all its students, nor should a program use this system to cover a gap in its curriculum or staffing.

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