Research and Creative Activity for Course Credit
Center for Undergraduate Excellence

» 291/491 Student-Faculty Research and Creative Activity for Course Credit

Dr. Vernon Smith going over reading with students

Student-Faculty Research and Creative Activity course allows students to receive academic credit for working with a faculty mentor on independent contributions to that mentor’s scholarly research/creative project(s) or on the student’s independent scholarly research/creative project under faculty guidance.

This coursework is available to undergraduate students only. This allows students to earn course credit while making an original contribution to scholarship or creative work in a discipline or across disciplines. 291/491 projects are designed to enhance traditional learning formats, therefore no degree or minor program can require 291/491 for all its students, nor should a program use this system to cover a gap in its curriculum or staffing.

*682 course designations were phased out in AY 2018-2019 and no longer available through CUE as of 6/1/19. 699 - Individual Study and Research (application) is available for graduate students.

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