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Student Scholar Ambassadors

» Student Scholar Ambassadors

Student Scholar Ambassadors are a select group of accomplished students who have participated in academic research, creative activity, and/or applied to or received a prestigious fellowship/scholarship. They serve as liaisons for the Center for Undergraduate Excellence at various events, highlighting all our office has to offer faculty and students. 

Meet the Student Scholar Ambassadors

2020-2021 Ambassadors

photo of Aimee DeMier '20

Aimee DeMier '20

Co-Lead Ambassador
Major: Sociology
Minor: Television Writing and Production
Research Focus: Ethnographic fieldwork and data analysis on SPSS, Stata
Peer Advising Hours: Wednesdays 12-1PM
photo of Amber Osorno '21

Amber Osorno '21

Major: Health Sciences
Minor: Law, Justice, and Social Control
Research Focus: Health Psychology
Peer Advising Hours: Wednesdays 12-1PM
photo of Arianna  Benitez '22

Arianna Benitez '22

Major: Sociology
Minor: Broadcast Journalism
Research Focus: Diversity in society, criminal justice system and racial bias, race and ethnicity
Peer Advising Hours: Mondays 7-8 PM
photo of Brian  Katz, B.A. 2020, J.D 2023

Brian Katz, B.A. 2020, J.D 2023

Major: Strategic And Corporate Communication
Research Focus: Social Robotics, Human-machine interface
photo of Cailyn Sakurai '21

Cailyn Sakurai '21

Major: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Minor: Psychology
Minor: Psychology
Research Focus: Molecular genetics, pathogens
Peer Advising Hours: Wednesdays 10-11 AM
photo of Dylan Arrazati '21

Dylan Arrazati '21

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Research Focus: Computational Chemistry (Zinc Finger Domains)
Peer Advising Hours: Thursdays 11AM-12PM
photo of Emily Wong '22

Emily Wong '22

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Chinese
Research Focus: Structural Biology; protein interactions
Peer Advising Hours: Wednesdays 1-2PM
photo of Emma  Chen '23

Emma Chen '23

Major: Health Sciences
Minor: Neuroscience
Research Focus: Mood disorders, Psychedelics
Peer Advising Hours: Tuesdays 12-1PM
photo of Kayla  Ghodsi '23

Kayla Ghodsi '23

Major: Biological Sciences
Research Focus: Neuroscience, Psychology
Peer Advising Hours: Mondays 1-2PM
photo of Leana  Sottile '20

Leana Sottile '20

Major: Undergraduate: Television Writing & Production and History; Graduate: War and Society
Minor: Producing for Animation (Self-Designed)
Research Focus: Musical Theatre History, American Popular Culture
Peer Advising Hours: Mondays 2-3PM
photo of Megan  Shieh '24

Megan Shieh '24

Director of Campus and Community Outreach
Major: Pre-pharmacy
Research Focus: Plant biology, food microbiology
Peer Advising Hours: Tuesdays 2-3PM
photo of Natalie  Standridge '22

Natalie Standridge '22

Major: Psychology
Minor: Italian Studies and Law, Justice, and Social Control
Research Focus: Sexual Psychology, Social Psychology
Peer Advising Hours: Wednesdays 12-1PM
photo of Nicole  Saito '22

Nicole Saito '22

Major: Political Science, History, and Economics
Research Focus: Native Hawaiian and Asian-American politics, Japanese-American incarceration
Peer Advising Hours: Fridays 1-2PM
photo of Ryly Yee '21

Ryly Yee '21

Co-Lead Ambassador
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Chemistry
Research Focus: Impacts of Weathering of Bioaccessibility on Arsenic Bearing Mine Wastes
Peer Advising Hours: Mondays 10-11AM
photo of Saba Fatima '21

Saba Fatima '21

Major: Biological Sciences, Business Administration
Research Focus: Pharmacy, Melanoma Prevention
Peer Advising Hours: Thursdays 5-6PM
photo of Victoria (Tori) Erickson '22

Victoria (Tori) Erickson '22

Major: Biology
Minor: Nutrition
Research Focus: Immuno-oncology: Herpes virus vaccine development
Peer Advising Hours: Mondays 11AM-1PM
photo of Vivian  Luong '21

Vivian Luong '21

Major: Health Science
Minor: Psychology
Research Focus: Health Psychology, Pain, Pediatrics, Positive Affect
Peer Advising Hours: Fridays 10-11AM
photo of Yeseom (Kayley)  Cho '23

Yeseom (Kayley) Cho '23

Director of Events and Social Media
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Chinese
Research Focus: Biochemistry, Targeted drug delivery using siRNA.
Peer Advising Hours: Tuesdays 1-2PM

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