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Student Scholar Ambassadors

» Student Scholar Ambassadors

Student Scholar Ambassadors are a select group of accomplished students who have participated in academic research, creative activity, and/or applied to or received a prestigious fellowship/scholarship. They serve as liaisons for the Center for Undergraduate Excellence at various events, highlighting all our office has to offer faculty and students. 

CUE’s Student Scholar Ambassadors are available for one-on-one peer advising to help students get started and navigate their research and creative plan, find various scholarly opportunities, and answer any questions.

Meet the Student Scholar Ambassadors

2022-2023 Ambassadors

no photo available for Amy  Whitmarsh '23

Amy Whitmarsh '23

Major: Health Sciences
Minor: Neuroscience
Research Focus: Neuroscience
no photo available for Anika  Manuel '23

Anika Manuel '23

Major: Peace Studies and Political Science
Minor: Philosophy and Ethnic Studies
Research Focus: Public policy, political institutions, and social change
no photo available for Cole  Clark '23

Cole Clark '23

Major: Film and Media Studies
Research Focus: How melodrama films of the 1950s (and throughout the mid 20th century) are reflected upon and/or updated in the last thirty years.
no photo available for Daniel  Choi '23

Daniel Choi '23

Major: Health Sciences
Minor: Honors Program
Research Focus: Arsenic Bioaccessibility
no photo available for Delilah  Schuerman '23

Delilah Schuerman '23

Major: Biology
Minor: University Honors Program
Research Focus: Neuroendocrinology, Behavior, Ecological Immunology
no photo available for Grace  Hodgetts '23

Grace Hodgetts '23

Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish
Research Focus: Effects of COVID-19 on Learning
no photo available for Isis  Behar '22

Isis Behar '22

Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish
Research Focus: Masked Learning and COVID
no photo available for Jillian Fahey

Jillian Fahey

Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Psychology
Research Focus: Biochemistry
no photo available for Kevin Le '25

Kevin Le '25

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Honors Program and Leadership Studies
Research Focus: Radiative Cooling and Cybersecurity
no photo available for Kevin Nguyen '24

Kevin Nguyen '24

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Nutrition
Research Focus: Plant molecular biology
no photo available for Lauren Bramlett '23

Lauren Bramlett '23

Campus Outreach Director
Major: Dance Performance; English Literature, Rhetoric, and Cultural Studies
Research Focus: Dance/Performance rhetoric
no photo available for Madeleine  Chang '25

Madeleine Chang '25

Major: Applied Human Physiology
Research Focus: Animal Social Behavior & Disease Transmission
no photo available for Micah Char '23

Micah Char '23

Executive Director
Major: Applied Human Physiology
Minor: English
Research Focus: The bioaccessibility of arsenic associated with mine waste
no photo available for Sam Covaia '23

Sam Covaia '23

Major: Biology
Minor: Nutrition
Research Focus: Screening of Salmonella in Raw-RTE Seafood
no photo available for Sophia  Rubino '24

Sophia Rubino '24

Major: Film Studies
Minor: English
Research Focus: Fall 2021- Film Preservation with the American Film Institute Catalog
no photo available for Steven  Trinh '22

Steven Trinh '22

Major: Applied Human Physiology
Minor: Psychology
Research Focus: Ophthalmology
no photo available for Veronica  Warner '23

Veronica Warner '23

Major: Environmental Science and Policy
Research Focus: Environmental Communication

Past Ambassadors

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