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+ - University Advancement

Office Number: (714) 997-6955

Sheryl Bourgeois, executive vice president
Michele Wanner, associate vice president
Tami Thompson, director, external relations
Andi Doddridge, assistant director, events and programs
Denise Vejar, executive assistant to the executive vice president
Jennifer Pierot, assistant to the associate vice president, development
Rachael Daniels, development coordinator, external relations
Kristi Deschenes, department assistant
Joy Flynn, event and program assistant

Mailing Address:

Chapman University
University Advancement
One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866

+ - Advancement Operations & Data Systems

Office Number: (714) 744-7690
Pia Brancolino, director, advancement operations
John Cowles, manager, advancement systems
Rosa Rodriguez, manager, advancement operations
Maria Coronado, advancement operations coordinator
Marc Montminy, operations project coordinator
Jami McCoy, gift recorder
Laura Miller, business analyst

+ - Strategic Engagement and Development

Office Number: (714) 997-6681

Delite Travis, associate vice president
Brady Hogan, director, alumni engagement
Kim Greenhall, director, Chapman Fund
Chris Pagel, director, institutional support
Anna Imhoff, director, prospect research
Kris Elftmann, director, special campaign projects
Benedict See, assistant director, Chapman Fund
Courtney Lutkus, assistant director, institutional support
Katherine Berry, assistant director, institutional support
Deanna Blanchet, manager, alumni engagement
Cassandra Ronquillo, manager, Chapman Fund
Paula Pearl, manager, Chapman Fund
Elizabeth Sproule, manager, Chapman Fund
Michael Tumbleson, manager, institutional support
Stephanie Mohl, research and prospect manager
William Guzik, alumni engagement coordinator 
Garrett Aanestad, alumni engagement coordinator
Michael Perini,
parent engagement coordinator
Mandana Mahmoudi, administrative and special projects coordinator
Emily Sumpf, development assistant, institutional support
Alexandra Stack, development assistant, alumni engagement
Kira Gentry, prospect development analyst
Wendy Basilone, assistant, Chapman Fund

+ - Career and Professional Development

Office Number: (714) 289-2024

Jo Bandy, executive director, career and professional development
Haley Wragg, assistant director, career marketing and engagement
Susan Chang, assistant director, career education
Franciska Morlet, associate director, employer relations
Sahzeah Babylon, career educator
Janelle Farkas, career educator
Alexis Tai, internship coordinator
Norma Murillo, operations coordinator
Melissa Lewis, data and systems analyst
Aaron Vilaubi, assistant, employer relations

+ - Donor Relations

Office Number: (714) 997-6563

Joanne Jurczyk, manager

+ - Special Events

Office Number: (714) 744-7958

Guy Hinrichs, assistant vice president
Rachael Samimi, director
Brittany Pacheco, associate director, academic events
Kelsey Alcantra, coordinator
Cristina Hallock, coordinator
Joshua Sarsfield, operations assistant

+ - Corporate and Foundation Relations

Office Number: (714) 997-6527

Mike Stringer, director
Brittani Santini-Bolanos, development coordinator
Trudy Hernandez, development assistant

+ - Legacy Planning

Office Number: (714) 516-4590

David Moore, assistant vice president
Lindsey Jacobs, manager
Anthony Bonilla, assistant

+ - School and College Based Development Staff

Argyros School of Business and Economics
(714) 628-7362
Aulton Kohn, development coordinator

College of Educational Studies
(714) 628-2740
Erzsebet Heim, development coordinator
College of Performing Arts
(714) 289-2085
Bobby Reade, development coordinator

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
(714) 628-7267
Marissa Maynor, development coordinator

Leatherby Libraries 
(714) 532-7756
Essraa Nawar, development coordinator

Schmid College of Science and Technology 
(714) 283-2032
Sarah Buckley, development coordinator

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
(714) 289-2055
Katie Fugnetti, development coordinator

Fowler School of Law
(714) 289-2062
Nicole Shay, development coordinator

Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
(714) 628-7369
Mary Shockey, development coordinator

Musco Center for the Arts
(714) 997-6859
Lauren Aghajanian, development coordinator

+ - Strategic Marketing and Communications

Office Number(s): (714) 289-3140 or (714) 997-6661  

Jamie Ceman, vice president, strategic marketing and communications
Jeff Brouwer, assistant vice president, creative services
Char Williams-Cavitt, assistant vice president, marketing and partner services
Rosalinda Monroy, art director
Esther Choi, SMC project manager
Jaclyn Witt, SMC project manager
Angela Ruiz, SMC project manager
Heidi Negrete, manager, strategic marketing and communications operations
Miguel Bolanos, strategist
Megan Sawyer, strategist
Ryan Tolentino, senior designer
Ivy Montoya Viado, junior graphic designer
Alexander Quintanilla, junior graphic designer
Gabrielle Richmond, operations assistant
Brandi Valentine, university operator

+ - Communications

Office Number: (714) 744-7677

Pamela Ezell, assistant vice president
Sheri Ledbetter, director, public relations
Hallie Nicholson, assistant director, communications
Michelle Leslie, manager, social media and communications
Stacy Nagai, manager, public relations
Dennis Arp, senior editor
Dawn Bonker, senior writer
Melissa Hoon, communications specialist, alumni
Brittany Hanson, communications specialist, development
Bethanie Le, assistant, public relations
Aaron Singh, copywriter
Robyn Norwood, writer

+ - Web and Digital Media

Office Number: (714) 289-3149

Ross Loehner, assistant vice-president, web and digital media
Heather Breen, manager, broadcast and digital media
Joseph Hoang, lead developer
Erica De Guzman, UI/UX designer
Andy Anderson, web and email marketing specialist
Patrick Garcia, digital arts and animation specialist
CJ Simonson, web communications coordinator sciences
Gerald Carter, senior production coordinator
Kali Baker-Johnson, editor
Julie Paholio, assistant editor / assistant videographer