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Executive Office and Department Heads

University Advancement Executive Office

Office Number: (714) 744-7690

Sheryl Bourgeois, Executive Vice President

Denise Vejar, Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President

Kristi Deschenes, Department Coordinator

Advancement Operations

Michele Wanner, Associate Vice President

Lilly Moscoso, Operations Administrator

Strategic Engagement and Development

Delite Travis, Vice President

Mandana Mahmoudi, Operations Administrator

Strategic Marketing and Communications

Jamie Ceman, Vice President

Stephanie Brewer, Executive Assistant

Career and Professional Development

Jo Bandy, Vice President


Mailing Address:

Chapman University
University Advancement
One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866

Advancement Operations

Office Number: (714) 744-7690

Pia Brancolino, Director

Rosa Rodriguez, Manager

Marc Montminy, Operations Project Coordinator

Gabrielle Richmond, Department Operations Coordinator

Jami McCoy, Gift Recorder


Advancement Systems

Office Number: (714) 744-7690

Robert Ochoa, Director

Rizwan Baig, Senior Systems Analyst

Laura Miller, Business Analyst

Steve Lopez, Reporting Analyst

Jane Mills, Data/Business Analyst

Pam Drake, Systems Support Data Recorder

Donor Relations

Office Number: (714) 997-6563

Joanne Jurczyk, Manager

Evan Burkin, Development Writer

University Events

Office Number: (714) 744-7958 

Guy Hinrichs, Assistant Vice President

Rachael Samimi, Director

Brittany Pacheco, Associate Director

Kelsey Alcantra, Manager

Joshua Sarsfield, Operations Coordinator

Strategic Engagement and Development

Kim Greenhall, Assistant Vice President

Kris Elftmann, Director, Campaign Communications

Katie Zaremba, Development Writer

Chapman Fund

Deanna Blanchet, Assistant Director

Larry Pace, Assistant Director

Elizabeth Sproule, Manager

Garrett Aanestad, Manager

Jennifer Roseblade, Development Assistant

Volunteer/Parent Engagement

Michael Perini, Manager

Erica Evans, Parent Engagement Coordinator

Alumni Engagement

Andi Doddridge, Director

William Guzik, Manager

Joy Flynn, Manager, Support Group Programs

Cristina Hallock, Manager, Strategic Events

Olivia Kwitny, Alumni Engagement Coordinator


Legacy Planning

Office Number: (714) 516-4590

David Moore, Assistant Vice President

Lindsey Jacobs, Manager


Institutional Support

Courtney Lutkus, Assistant Director

Kate Berry, Assistant Director

Crissy Vaughn, Assistant Director


Corporate and Foundation Relations

Office Number: (714) 997-6527

Mike Stringer, Director

Trudy Hernandez, Coordinator

Research and Prospect

Cannon Brooke, Director

Stephanie Mohl, Manager

Kira Gentry, Prospect Development Analyst

Jessica Haut, Prospect Development Analyst

Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC)

Main contact: (714) 997-6661 or smc@chapman.edu

For additional contact information, please visit the SMC Team page.

Career and Professional Development

Main contact: (714) 997-6942 or career@chapman.edu

For additional contact information, please visit the Career and Professional Development page.


School and College Based Development Staff

Argyros School of Business and Economics
(714) 628-7362
Sarah Ramirez, Development Coordinator

College of Educational Studies
(714) 628-2740
Erzsebet Heim, Development Coordinator

College of Performing Arts
(714) 289-2085
Bobby Reade, Development Coordinator

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
(714) 516-5611
Jessica Kryzer, Development Coordinator

Leatherby Libraries 
(714) 532-7756
Essraa Nawar, Development Coordinator

Schmid College of Science and Technology 
(714) 283-2032

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
(714) 289-2055
Katie Fugnetti, Development Coordinator

Fowler School of Law
(714) 289-2062
Nicole Shay, Development Coordinator

Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
(714) 532-6017
Mary Shockey, Development Coordinator

School of Communication
(714) 516-5331
Rachael Daniels, Development Coordinator

Musco Center for The Arts
(714) 997-6859
Kristine Mayberry, Development Coordinator

School of Pharmacy
(714) 516-5464
Yeji Mowrer, Development Coordinator