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Chapman's University Services department provides mail services to the campus community.

For residence students, we assist them with their letter and package needs.  This includes both incoming and outgoing mail.

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+ - Official Mailing Addresses

If you are sending mail or shipping packages to the University please use the following official mailing address formats.

For Residence students living on campus:

Chapman University
Attn: ___________
Mail box number: ___________
One University Drive
Orange, CA  92866

For Staff or Faculty:

Chapman University
Attn: ___________
Dept: ___________
One University Drive
Orange, CA  92866

+ - Helpful Tips for Parents, Family and Friends

  • Do not send cash, checks, gift cards or other items of value via first class mail.  We recommend one of these trackable methods:  USPS Registered or Certified mail, UPS, FedEx or Special Courier.  These methods provide tracking numbers and offer insurance.
  • Do not include any items of value inside a colorful envelope.  The envelope may flag valuable contents.  We recommend using a non colorful envelope.
  • Purchase insurance when shipping valuables so that you are protected against loss or damage.  Some carriers include insurance, please check with your carrier.
  • Medications can be phoned in to a local pharmacy.  If you must send medication, please send the medication via a trackable shipper as noted above.
  • Time sensitive material should be shipped ahead of when needed to allow for process and delivery time.  Once a package arrives at the University it may take several hours for it to reach its final destination.
  • Parents:  If you ship or mail something to a student, please make sure to include the student’s full name in the address along with their mail box number. This will help to ensure timely delivery. If an item arrives with a parent’s name only, it may be returned to the sender.

Contact Us

For questions or information concerning Chapman University Mail Services please:

Call us at (714) 997-6821

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (we are not open on weekends or university holidays)