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Department Staff & Information

Chapman University's Department of Public Safety has an authorized staff of 1-Chief, 1-Operations Administrator, 1-Emergency Manager, 3-Lieutenants, 4-Patrol Sergeants, 1-Training/Equipment Coordinator Sergeant, 19-Public Safety Officers, 1-Dispatch Supervisor, 6-Dispatchers, 1-Community Service Officer, 1-Assistant Director of Parking/Transportation Services, 1-Parking/Transportation Supervisor, 3-Parking/Transportation Officers, 1-Fire & Life Safety Marshall and 2-Fire & Life Safety Officers.

The Department provides a variety of law enforcement and related services as well as ongoing programs in safety (R.A.D. – Rape Aggression Defense), disaster, crime and fire prevention on and around the campus community.

Patrol Division

The Public Safety Officers patrol the campus and university owned properties on foot, in marked vehicles and on patrol bikes. They are responsible for continuous patrol of the University campus, initial response to all campus emergencies and the enforcement of University rules, regulations and applicable laws on campus. Officers enforce parking related sections of the California Vehicle Code on campus and provide a variety of service functions. Public Safety Officers are on-duty 24-hours day, including holidays.

The Community Service Officer’s (CSO) primary responsibility is parking enforcement on any University owned property. Other additional assignments may include providing security at campus functions, athletic events and safety escorts.

Communications Division

The Public Safety Dispatchers are responsible for maintaining effective and efficient communication between public safety officers in the field, outside emergency calls, law enforcement agencies and the public. Our communications center is operational 24 hours a day.

9-1-1 Emergency Phone System - All 9-1-1 calls made from campus phones are answered in the Public Safety Dispatch Center. Public Safety Dispatchers have received the same training as local 911 operators. 9-1-1 calls made from cell phones will still be routed to the local law enforcement agency.