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The Internship Registration Process
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» Academic Credit

Steps to Obtain Academic Credit for your Internship

If you have already secured an internship and are interested in acquiring academic credit for that experience, please follow the internship registration instructions below.

Step 1: Intern Responsibilities Agreement 

Click a series of checkboxes to acknowledge and accept the policies and agreements for earning academic credit for your internship.

Preview the Internship Responsibilities Agreement »

Step 2: Internship Registration Information 

Fill out the required information, including site/supervisor name and contact information. (Please see advisement below on choosing your course, credits, and faculty). This information will be used to populate the form in Step 4.

Step 3: Internship Learning Objectives 

Describe what you expect to learn from this internship.

Step 4: Internship Site Approval Form

Download your populated Internship Site Approval Form and have it signed by your Internship Site Supervisor. To upload the form, you can either take a photo or scan and upload the electronic document.

Once you have completed and submitted your Internship Application, your Faculty Internship Advisor will review and approve your internship application electronically. Career and Professional Development will then review and approve your application (provided all required areas are complete) and then forward your information to the Registrar’s Office, where they process your registration and add the internship course to your schedule.

How do I choose?

Choosing Your Course Subject

Your internship course subject should coincide with your internship duties. Students may enroll in their major subject, but please note that you are not limited to enroll in only that subject. If you are not using the internship for your major or minor, and you want to better understand how to apply your internship credits toward your degree, please contact Academic Advising and consult your Program Evaluation to see what works best for you.

Choosing Your Course Number

Your internship will be registered as a course and given the course designation of either 290 or 490. Please be advised that first years/sophomores register in 290 and juniors/seniors in 490.  You can register in 490 as a first-year or sophomore with departmental approval.  Graduate students register at the 690 level.

Choosing Your Credits

You must complete a minimum of 20 hours within the semester for every 0.5 credits in which you are enrolled.  Some internship courses will allow enrollment in as few as 0.5 credits and as many as 6.  Please consult the academic catalog for more information.

Credits Hours
0.5 20
1 40
1.5 60
2 80
2.5 100
3 120

Choosing Your Faculty Advisor

To view all eligible faculty advisors, please go to Step 2 of the application in the Internship Portal and select the desired subject, which will populate a list of eligible* faculty advisors. We advise that students find a faculty advisor in the subject they are registering based on that list and ask them to be their advisor prior to submitting their application for approval. If you do not know any faculty members on the list, you can contact the department head for assistance.

 *Please note that your internship faculty advisor must be full-time in the department of the course for which you are registering. Please consult the Internship Portal for the most up-to-date schedule.


Please also be advised that all add/drop and tuition rates apply for academic internship courses, including overload, part-time, interterm and summer tuition policies.

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Contact Chapman's Internship Coordinator for help navigating the entire internship process. 

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