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Strategic Marketing and Communications

» Strategic Marketing and Communications Team

Office of the Vice President

photo of Jamie Ceman

Jamie Ceman

Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Communications
(714) 997-6722
photo of Stephanie Brewer

Stephanie Brewer

Executive Assistant
(714) 997-6722
no photo available for Anton  Bartolic

Anton Bartolic

Operations Coordinator
(714) 516-5790
no photo available for Bianca Turner

Bianca Turner

Department Assistant
(714) 997-6506

Content Marketing

photo of Rachel  Morrison

Rachel Morrison

Assistant Vice President, Communications and Brand Strategy
(714) 289-3174
photo of Dennis Arp

Dennis Arp

Senior Editor
(714) 997-6607
no photo available for Stace Dumoski

Stace Dumoski

(714) 628-2824
photo of Joy Juedes

Joy Juedes

(714) 628-2813

Public Relations and Campus Communications

no photo available for Cerise Valenzuela Metzger

Cerise Valenzuela Metzger

Director of Public Relations
(714) 289-3143 (office)
(657) 390-6760 (cell)
no photo available for Paul Pe

Paul Pe

Communications Specialist - Campus
(714) 289-3181

Creative Services Team

photo of Jeff Brouwer

Jeff Brouwer

Assistant Vice President of Creative Services
(714) 628-7314

Photography and Video

photo of Adam  Hemingway

Adam Hemingway

Visual Content Director
(714) 289-3173
photo of Heather Breen

Heather Breen

Assistant Visual Content Director
(714) 289-3176
photo of Nick Lopez

Nick Lopez

(714) 289-3189
photo of Annie Wang

Annie Wang

Production Coordinator and Videographer

Print and Graphic Design

no photo available for Julie Kennedy

Julie Kennedy

Art Director
no photo available for Cindy Harvard

Cindy Harvard

UX/UI Designer
(714) 628-7319
photo of Rosalinda  Monroy

Rosalinda Monroy

Senior Graphic Designer
(714) 997-6799
photo of Alex  Quintanilla

Alex Quintanilla

Graphic Designer
(714) 289-3193

Marketing and Digital Team

photo of Ross  Loehner

Ross Loehner

Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Digital
(714) 289-3105

Marketing (Strategy and Digital)

photo of Pj Perez

Pj Perez

Director of Marketing
(714) 628-2658
photo of Jessica Barber

Jessica Barber

Marketing Strategist
(714) 628-7326
photo of Tod  Brewster

Tod Brewster

Digital Marketing Manager
(714) 997-6580
photo of Branden Murray

Branden Murray

Marketing Strategist
photo of Tiffany  Tulowitzki

Tiffany Tulowitzki

Web and Email Marketing Specialist
(714) 289-3148
photo of Denise Ward

Denise Ward

Marketing Strategist

Web Development

photo of Joey  Hoang

Joey Hoang

Lead Developer
(714) 628-7313
no photo available for David Ahn

David Ahn

Web Developer
(714) 628-2704

Project Management Team

photo of Shirin Khodabandehloo

Shirin Khodabandehloo

Director of Marketing Projects
(714) 516-5025
photo of Julianne Askew

Julianne Askew

Marketing Project Manager
(714) 997 6582
photo of Tracey  Hartsock

Tracey Hartsock

Marketing Project Manager
(714) 516-6120
photo of Karan Sirna

Karan Sirna

Marketing Project Manager

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