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Internships are a cost-effective way for employers to pre-screen, evaluate, train, recruit and potentially hire talent.

Your participation helps students and faculty understand what’s important in your industry today and what skills are most valued, so we can better teach students to make an immediate contribution to your organization. Additionally, you’ll be promoting an environment that encourages learning and cooperation.

Whether you're looking to establish your organization's first internship position, or grow/improve an existing program, we are here to provide the insight and guidance you need to help foster a mutually-beneficial experience. 

Designing Your Internship

A student can perform many tasks, but the primary purpose of an internship is to provide a beneficial learning environment for that student. To create a strong internship opportunity, ask yourself:

  • Is the work given meaningful and appropriate for a college student? Hiring a student to exclusively perform busy work (cold calling, data entry, filing, answering phones, faxing, running errands, etc.) is inappropriate and will not be approved. Hiring an intern to alleviate some of your busy work is acceptable when it’s balanced with meaningful responsibilities.
  • Will there be sufficient learning opportunities?
  • Will someone be available for on-site supervision?
  • Can you provide appropriate resources for the student to meet requirements?

Our Academic Internship Design Worksheet can serve as a guide when creating your internship. This form will not be turned in, but is very helpful in establishing projected learning outcomes that will align with what they are studying and doing within their internship.

Additionally, NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) outlines best practices for internships that may be helpful in the development of your internship program.

Internship Resources and FAQs

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Your Internship Liaison

In addition to assisting students with their academic registration processes, Chapman University's Internship Coordinator is also here to support employers with building new and enhancing existing internship programs.

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The unpaid internship myth

Did you know? Chapman is one of a select group of schools that allows students to pursue academic credit for both unpaid and paid internships.

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