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Signage Types Processed Through Campus Planning Space Enhancement Requests:

  • Vinyl Sign
  • Directory Update
  • Holder for Paper Insert Sign (Wall or Cubicle)
  • Other

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Paper Insert Signage Requests:

Facilities Management provides service for the production and installation of paper insert signs (Wall or Cubicle) upon receipt of a fully authorized Signage Request Form. 

Signage Request Form (Word Document) -- Open the Signage Request form using Microsoft Word, type in the required information then print for authorized signature. All Signage Request forms must be signed by an appropriate department head. Return the fully authorized form to Facilities Management by attaching the authorized form as a scanned document to a Facilities Management work request.

To submit your Signage Request Form

  1. Scan your completed and fully authorized signage request form.
  2. Return the fully authorized form to Facilities Management by attaching the scanned document to a Facilities Management work request.  You can submit a Facilities Management Work Request by selecting the following link:

          Submit a Work Request

Signage Request Form

  • Requestor Name:  To allow Facilities to be able to contact the requestor should any questions arise, include the first and last name of the person submitting the Signage Request form, not the name of the person whose name will be on the sign.
  • Phone Ext.:  Phone extension or complete phone or cell number.
  • Department Name:  Department responsible for any costs that may result from the request.
  • Department #:  The department number for the responsible department.
  • Building Name:  The building name for the requested signage. Note:  For multiple buildings, submit one paper insert sign per building.
  • Account #:  The account number for the responsible department for possible material or installation charges.
  • Room Number/Location:  Submit one signage request form for multiple paper insert signs or for multiple sign holders by attaching a typed sheet that lists each room number or location for each requested sign.
  • Select Sign Type:  For Other, write description of desired signage.
  • Signage Text:  Type in provided space on form text for sign you are requesting.  Text for requested signs MUST BE typed; handwritten requests will not be processed.

Multiple Paper Insert Sign Requests

Add to the signed and authorized signage request form a printed sheet(s) for multiple sign requests, scan authorized and additional sheets together to form one document and attach the scanned document to a Facilities Management work request that you will submit to complete the signage request process:

  • Indicate whether the listed signs will be for a wall or cubicle sign holder.
  • With signage text, include room number where insert sign should be installed. 
  • Text for signs must be typed; handwritten sign requests will not be accepted.
  • Proofread typed text to verify that names, titles, etc. are correct; redo’s for an insert sign is $35 per paper insert sign.

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