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The Office of Campus Planning and Design (CP&D) collaborates with others as appropriate and necessary on the design, review and approvals of buildings, interiors, signage, accessibility, public art, sustainability and landscape design, and monitors the integration of the design elements into a cohesive end result. CP&D seeks to realize distinctive architecture with a strong identity tied to site, program, user experience, and project-specific design goals and intent.

A Space Enhancement request is required for any alteration/remodel to a physical space and any visual change to the university’s interior/exterior appearance. Campus Planning and Design is responsible for determining if the request meets the general design intent of that space.

 Please review the table below and match your needs with the correct project/request type.

Project type Requested Modifications/ Guidelines CP&D Review Time to Complete (weeks)

No construction

Facilities Work Request
Paint and/or carpet - matching existing within the space No   1-2**
Paint – accent color equal to already present elsewhere in the building in similar space type No   1-2
Paint – accent color different than already present in the building Yes 1 1-2
Carpet - different than already present in the building Yes 1 6-10
Signage - matching existing within the space No   4-10
Signage - new Yes 1-3 4-10
Furniture - matching existing within the space No   7-13
Furniture - different than already present in the building (coordinate electrical) Yes 1-3 7-13
Minor AV and Electrical work (no permit required, coordination with IS&T) Yes 1-2 2-4


Space Enhancement Request
Adjustments to walls/doors/windows, built in cabinetry, AV and electrical (permitting required) Yes 2-8 24-32
Substantial interior remodel including lighting and HVAC (permitting required) Yes 4-12 32 or more

* Includes minimum lead time for procurement and delivery

** Assumes item is in stock 


Delivery Process and Stages for Space Enhancement Projects

Permitting & Construction required (5-18 Months*)

1-2 Months 1-2 months 1-3 Months 1-4 Months 1-2 Months 1-5 Months
Scope Development Proposal Stage Schematic Design Local/State Permitting Bidding Construction
Review and Consultation Review Design Approval Contract Award Occupancy
Contracting and Permitting Determination Selection Permit Drawings
Budget Development Contract Award Cost Estimate Review
Funding Approval Consultation Design and Budget Approval


* Phases might overlap to streamline the process and reduce time to completion

If you have questions or experience problems submitting a Space Enhancement request online, email Campus Planning at campusplanning@chapman.edu.

Space Enhancement Request - a request to redesign existing space. Involves construction and/or permitting.

Facilities Work Request - a request for maintenance, repair or replacement in kind.