» Overview: Using Online Work Request System

Login Instructions

  • Type username@chapman.edu in the login box (example: jsmith@chapman.edu).
  • Type email/network password into the password box.

After logging on to the system a welcome page will appear describing the system in brief.

Submitting a Work Request

  • Select Submit a Request.
  • Select your Facility. Select the box located directly to the right where Chapman University will be displayed below the phrase "Please select your Facility".
  • Select your Building. Select the building you are submitting this work request for by highlighting the desired building name. Next select the box located directly to the right of your highlighted building selection.

Request Form

Enter information requested:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Area - Highlight your selection as you did when selecting your building.
  1. Each work request must be submitted for one room only.
  2. The area selected should identify the location where you are requesting maintenance work to occur.
  3. DO NOT select a generic area like 1st floor until you have first reviewed the entire area drop down list for the room number in which the requested work should be performed. If you are unable to find the room number, then you may select the appropriate floor level for the room that you are submitting work to be done.
  • Request - Type your maintenance request.
  1. Include a room number within your work request description if you selected a generic area, i.e. 1st Floor.
  2. Include relevant and specific details.
  3. Do not request more than one type of work per request submitted. For example, submit one request for a clogged toilet and another request for a broken light.
  4. Your work request number will display after selecting the Submit button.


If you have questions or experience problems submitting a work request online, email Facilities Management at facmgt@chapman.edu or call us at (714) 997-6658.