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Chapman University is committed to the highest ethical standards, principles and policies which all Chapman University community members are expected to uphold by incorporating these values into their daily University activities whether they occur on or off campus.

This document provides guidelines for reporting violations or raising concerns about possible violation of the Chapman University Code of Ethics.



The purpose of the Ethics Policy is to set forth the ethical expectations of members of the Chapman community.  It also highlights the essential elements of an ethical and responsible environment in which the educational mission of the University can be met in an effective and efficient manner.



As members of the Chapman community, we commit ourselves to the following ethical ideals:

Pursuit of Excellence: Individually and as a community, we seek excellence in all things.  Responsibility and accountability are the hallmarks of our community.

Acting with Integrity: We expect individuals to act in an honest, transparent and truthful manner.  We strive to act responsibly, accepting accountability for our conduct and supporting the responsible actions of others.

Respect for persons: We treat each person with civility, understanding and respect.  We do not unlawfully discriminate based on any status or condition protected by applicable federal or state law. We respect the inherent worth of each member of the community.  We do not engage in any forms of unlawful harassment of others.  Those in positions of authority, including administrators, supervisors, faculty members and student leaders exercise their authority fairly and appropriately.  Behavior that demeans, harasses, exploits or otherwise treat individuals unfairly has no place in our university.

Valuing Diversity:  We promote a multicultural community that embraces a diversity of perspectives, opinions, ideas, backgrounds and experiences.  We strive to be accepting and respectful of our differences and treat each member of the Chapman community with dignity and respect.

Freedom of Expression: We exercise and defend our freedom of expression within an atmosphere of open and tolerant dialogue and listen respectfully to the views of others.

Respect for the Environment: We value life in its variety and unity, and we promote a sustainable environment by responsibly using natural resources.

Life of Service: We encourage a life of service – a life of compassion and justice, civic participation, and service to worthy causes and global community.

Honesty: We are committed to being truthful and trustworthy.  Plagiarism, cheating, theft and fraud are not tolerated. 

Confidentiality: We observe and respect the confidentiality rights of all members of the community, and this duty continues even after we are no longer affiliated with the university.  This right of confidentiality applies to all academic, financial, health-related, personnel, or other non-public information protected either by law or by university policy.  However, the right does not preclude the consensual release of information or the disclosure of information within the university when there is a legitimate need for its disclosure.  Email or other uses of the university’s computers or computer network are for business purposes and are not presumed confidential.   

Respect for University resources: We exercise due care and responsible stewardship in using university resources.  We prepare correct and clear financial records and research reports.  All entries in university books and accounts accurately reflect each transaction.  In reporting on the University’s resources, we do not hide, conceal, or mislead; and we promptly report such misconduct when it is discovered.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest and Commitment: We do not have direct or indirect interests or commitments, financial or otherwise, which conflict with the proper discharge of our duties to the university.  The primary professional allegiance of all full-time employees lies with Chapman University and the advancement of its mission.  We do not solicit or accept any gift, service, or favor that might reasonably influence the discharge of our duties or that we know or should know is being offered with the intent to influence our official conduct.  We do not accept other employment or engage in business or professional activities outside of the university when such work might reasonably cause real or apparent conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment.  We do not transact business in our official capacity with any business entity of which we, or a member of our family,  are an officer, agent, or member, or in which we own a substantial interest without the explicit prior knowledge and approval of the appropriate senior University officer  We disclose potential conflicts of interest to the appropriate supervisor or officer as soon as possible after we realize that a conflict may have arisen.

Comply with Legal and Professional obligations: We comply with all state and federal laws and conform to the highest standards of professional conduct.  We transact university business in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and university policies and procedures.  We do not misrepresent our status or authority in our dealings with others.  To the extent that we belong to professions that are governed by standards specific to the profession, we adhere to such professional standards.  We conduct ourselves in accordance with professional principles for scholarly work, including upholding academic codes of conduct and professional standards for research.

Reporting Violations of the Code: In order to maintain the integrity of the community, we report observed or suspected violations of this code of ethics with a spirit of fairness, honesty, and respect for the rights of others.  Those who report alleged misconduct and those against whom allegations are reported are afforded all rights provided by university policies, as well as all applicable state and federal laws.  Those who are found to have violated this code will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion, termination of employment, or termination of relationship.


Reports about violations of the Code should be made with a spirit of fairness, honesty, and respect for the rights of others. 

If you become aware of any activity you feel violates policy or demonstrates a lack of ethics, you are obligated as a member of the Chapman Family to report it.  Employees are encouraged to bring concerns directly to their supervisor, Human Resources (HR), or other campus entities as appropriate.  The university requests that a complaint be made in writing with a detailed description of the facts giving rise to the complaint, the names of any individuals involved, including any witnesses, and copies of any documents that support or relate to the complaint.

Further, you can anonymously and confidentially report any issue online via EthicsPoint.



Name of Office: Institutional Compliance

Contact information for questions about this policy: Gail Nishida, Chief Compliance Officer,



Senior Staff member submitting the policy: Harold Hewitt

Date approved: August 13, 2019





Effective: August 13, 2019

Revision history: August 29, 2018



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