» About Decision Support

Decision support focuses on helping a broad range of institutional stakeholders find the timely and actionable information needed to make sound and informed business decisions, solve problems, and make short- or long-term plans.  The underlying goal is to support student success and institutional effectiveness.  To that end, IRADS will:

  • Provide collaborative help in your decision-making process.
How?  Ask questions about the issues you are dealing with, problems you are trying to solve, and decisions you are trying to make. Build relationships with you, your office, or department.  Connect you with other resources with which you may be unfamiliar.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of Chapman's culture of data driven decision making.
How?  Host brown bags and workshops that will engage the campus community in data-focused discussions.  Encourage collaboration and sharing between departments and analysts across campus.
  • Be proactive and available.
How?  Attend meetings with decision makers and make ourselves available for initial planning meetings with the focus of anticipating data needs.  Promote data-focused initiatives and projects.

Decision Support Services and Tools

Use the Data Request Form to request information that is unavailable from standard data sources (e.g. Panther Analytics, DataMart, queries).
To request a Panther Analytics (PA) group meeting or one-one-one meeting to explore the potential of PA email irads@chapman.edu.
To request a meeting with an IRADS team member or invite us to one of your department/office meeting email irads@chapman.edu or contact the team member directly.
To sign up for virtual IRADS office hours email irads@chapman.edu.  Be ready to share your survey, data, or program review question(s), or talk to us about a project that you anticipate may require some data/survey.  Have questions about Qualtrics or Panther Analytics?  This would be a great time to ask them.  Office hours are also a great opportunity to meet the IRADS staff and find out about our services.
Visit the IRADS Institutional Data page for a list of institutional data resources.