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Your Career Connection for Life

Career and Professional Development

» Chapman's Core Career Team

Our Mission

For our students and alumni to identify Chapman as their career connection for life.

Our Vision

To deliver on the promise of a world-class, One-Chapman career experience for all students and alumni that empowers them with the skills and resources for lifetime career navigation. To provide personalized service to employers with the goal that they develop a “Think Chapman First” mindset that results in a preference for hiring students and alumni for professional opportunities. 

Who we serve

Chapman's Career and Professional Development team serves the entire Chapman Family for life. This includes all undergraduate and graduate students and alumni (regardless of graduation year), faculty, parents, and employers from all of Chapman's unique schools an colleges. 

Visit Us

photo of Office of Career and Professional Development
Office of Career and Professional Development
342 N. Glassell St. (located across the street from DeMille Hall, just south of the Fowler School of Law)
(714) 997-6942
Drop-In Hours: Monday, Friday  2 p.m. - 4 p.m. | Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.


photo of Jo Bandy
Jo Etta Bandy
Executive Director
Office 101, 342 N. Glassell St.
(714) 744-7090
photo of Haley  Wragg '15
Haley Marie Wragg '15
Assistant Director, Marketing and Engagement
Office 212, 348 N. Glassell St.
(714) 289-2024
If you have a story to tell – whether you have a high-five to give to a fellow Panther, are an alumnus who was recently promoted, a student in an extraordinary internship program, a faculty member bringing an industry leader to campus or an employer who wants to share your experience hiring Chapman talent – reach out to me! I would love to spotlight you and share your #chapmanucareer or #thinkchapmanfirst story with our Chapman Family. Additionally, if you are a planning an event that has a career component (industry speakers, workshops, recruiting) open to Chapman community members, let’s work together to help get the event exposed to a strategic and targeted audience within Chapman. Most importantly, if you have feedback for the online, communication, marketing or event experience at Chapman as it relates to career, I am all-ears.
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Data and Systems Analyst
Office 213, 348 N. Glassell St.
photo of Norma  Murillo
Norma Murillo
Operations Coordinator
Office 102, 342 N. Glassell St.
(714) 744-7689

Employer Relations

photo of Franciska  Morlet
Franciska Morlet
Associate Director, Employer Relations
Office 204, 344 N. Glassell St.
(714) 997-6755
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Employer Relations Specialist
Office 202, 344 N. Glassell St.
photo of Heidi  Swanson
Heidi Swanson
Internship Coordinator
Office 201, 344 N. Glassell St.
(714) 744-7688

Career Education

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Assistant Director, Career Education
Office 214, 348 N. Glassell St.
photo of Sahzeah Babylon (M.A. '03)
Sahzeah Babylon (M.A. '03)
Career Educator
Office 102, 342.5 N. Glassell St.
(714) 997-7663
no photo available for VACANT
Career Educator
Office 103, 342.5 N. Glassell St.