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Faculty Internship Advisor Guide

» Faculty Advisor Internship Guide

As a Faculty Internship Advisor, you will:..

  • Approve your student’s internship application through our internship portal (an email will come directly to you when it is ready for review)
  • Meet or touch base with your student at least 2-3 times throughout their internship
  • Contact the internship site within the first 6 weeks of the internship
  • Assign your student a project, paper, daily log, etc.
  • Give your student a grade at the end of the semester based on the assignment, the timesheet and performance evaluation. You will find the timesheet and performance evaluation in the online Internship Portal. You make the final call on the items you would like to use to grade your student.

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Compensation and Reimbursement

This is a great opportunity to mentor up to 15 students per semester!

Faculty Internship Advisors are paid $50.00 per unit.

For additional information about compensation and to see if you qualify to serve as a Faculty Internship Advisor, please contact Faculty Affairs or your Dean. 

Definitions and Vocabulary

  • Internship: An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths; and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.  
  • Faculty Internship Advisor: (You!) At Chapman University, this may be a faculty advisor or a faculty in the academic department from which the students seeks internship credit. Faculty internship advisors are expected to meet with the student 2-3 times throughout the semester and contact the internship site within the first 6 weeks of the internship. Faculty internship advisors review and approve internships through the Internship Portal, assign an academic component to the internship, and assign a grade to the student based on: the academic assignment, hours completed, and employer evaluation of student performance. Part-time faculty members are not eligible, by policy (excluding extenuating program circumstances), to be faculty internship advisors. Faculty are compensated for a maximum of 15 students per semester.
  • Site Supervisor: The individual at the Internship Site, who is designated to supervise the student intern’s work, evaluate performance, and provide feedback to the student and to the educational institution.
  • Internship Site Approval Form: This form outlines the student’s accountability to the internship program and employer. It is signed by the student and kept on file by the Office of Career and Professional Development. Preview the Internship Site Approval Form here.
  • Internship Responsibilities Agreement: The agreement signed by the student intern to ensure compliance with university policy and understanding of disqualifying factors that would make an internship site ineligible. [include link]
  • Internship Site: Any business, government agency, educational institution, social service agency, or other organization that accepts college interns.
  • Internship Coordinator: Serves as the liaison between students, employers and Chapman University. Manages the program on a semester basis including student registration, employer postings, and new program development.
  • Evaluation of Student Performance: A survey sent to the internship site supervisor at the end of the internship to offer feedback on the student for their professional development. The questions align with the National Association of Colleges and Employer's Career Competencies [link] as a standardized measure of career readiness.


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How do I evaluate my student intern for a grade?

There are various methods commonly used by faculty to evaluate/grade the student intern: term paper, daily log or journal, project, portfolio, presentation, or other. It is up to your discretion as the faculty advisor to determine the exact assignment(s) and learning objectives for this internship course/experience with the student at the beginning of the semester.

In addition to the work you may assign to the student, his or her site supervisor will also sign a timesheet and complete an evaluation on the student’s performance toward the end of the internship. Both of these may be taken into account when determining the student’s grade.

How often am I required to meet with the student I am advising?

Again, this is something that each faculty advisor can determine, though 2-3 times minimum is expected. We encourage that the faculty advisor touch base with the student at the beginning, middle, and end of the internship. The number and frequency of meetings can be developed based on what you deem necessary for the learning objectives.

How much and how do I get paid for being a faculty advisor?

Faculty Internship Advisors are paid $50 per unit, depending on how many units the student intern is registered for in the internship course.

When is the deadline to submit the student’s internship grade?

The grades are due with all other course grades at the end of the semester. There is not a separate internship submission date. Please visit the Academic Calendar for more information.

Do I need to communicate with my student’s site supervisor during their internship?

Yes, whether by phone, email, or in person, please contact the site supervisor to introduce yourself as the point of contact within the first six weeks of the student’s internship.

I was sent an email to approve a student’s application but they do not appear, what do I do?

Make sure all fields are clear except for the student last name. Sometimes the wrong term or year is selected and the student will not show up.

Who do I contact with questions about the internship process?

Contact Chapman University's Internship Coordinator in the Office of Career and Professional Development. 

Internship Coordinator  internships@chapman.edu  (714) 744-7688

Office Front Desk  career@chapman.edu  (714) 997-6942

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Internship Support

Contact Chapman's Internship Coordinator with questions about becoming a Faculty Internship Advisor, or with for help with the internship process as you are advising students.

(714) 744 -7688