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» Office of Faculty Affairs

A support service in the Office of the Provost, the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) at Chapman University is specifically designed to provide communication and assistance to faculty from the moment of hire to the final farewell. The OFA supports faculty in a variety of areas, which include:

  • Policy Clarity
  • Critical Year, Tenure and/or Promotion Evaluation Process
  • Faculty Annual Report Process
  • Peer and Administrative Evaluation Coordination
  • Workshops and Training
  • Faculty Pay and Contracts
  • New Faculty Hiring Process
  • Faculty Records Management
  • Search and Evaluation Protocols
  • Faculty Governance Support

+ - Critical Year, Tenure & Promotion Evaluations

Workshops occur in the fall and spring for faculty covering the promotion process at Chapman. They include: defining excellence, how to assemble a file as well as workshops on how to build an ePortfolio.

+ - Faculty Forms

All faculty forms and many other helpful links can be found on the Faculty MyWindow site

+ - Marvin W. Meyer Faculty Athenaeum

Lunches are served daily for current faculty, Emeriti professors, full-time librarians, senior administration, Trustees, Governors and their guests.

Soda Service - Monday through Friday

Use of the room and microwave will also be available. 

Please bring in your I.D. card for a faster check-in.

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We Are Here to Assist You

Faculty members are welcome to review their academic files or request clarification of the Faculty Manual and/or academic policies in the OFA. We can also assist with general questions and connecting you to available resources on campus to better assist you. We are located in: 
Memorial Hall 212