» Student Activity Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying and assessing risk and developing strategies to avoid personal injury, property damage, and resultant financial loss. Risk management means making sure that no one gets hurt and that no property is damaged at the event. Risk management means avoiding lawsuits. 

Even the simplest reception or speaking event presents some potential of risk. All activities and events should be carefully evaluated before finalizing your plans. You should engage the assistance of staff, faculty and others who may be knowledgeable in the activity under consideration. Some activities are routine and low risk and can generally be conducted with little formality. Moderate risk activities generally require a higher standard of review, and a more comprehensive assessment and plan of risk management. Activities that are considered to be high risk with a high nexus of responsibility must be submitted to the supervising department and reviewed by the Chapman University Risk Manager. A key tool in planning and managing student activities can be found in the Activity and Event Risk Management Guide.

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