» Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), also commonly referred to as Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Occupational Health, or Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people at work.

The goal of a multidisciplinary occupational health and safety team is to design, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive health and safety program that will maintain and enhance health, improve safety, and productivity. 

At Chapman University, our Occupational Health and Safety operations are a function of the Environmental Health & Safety office.  The goal of the University is to promote, protect and secure the well-being of University employees as well as our student population, through high-quality and cost-effective services. To accomplish this objective, we collaborate with an array of outside medical providers, that complement and supplement staff and faculty, as needed.

For more information on specific components of our Program, see the below resources:

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