» Emergency Preparedness

Planning for an effective, highly coordinated University-wide response to catastrophic challenges posed by man, nature or infectious disease requires the consideration of a wide range of logistical issues.   The goal of Disaster Preparedness at Chapman University is to help prepare for emergencies, respond to major disruptions, mitigate their effect and recover from their consequences.      

Examples of events that could have catastrophic consequences include: Earthquake, Fire, Explosion, Major Transportation Accident, Utilities Failure, Civil Disorder and Demonstrations, Terrorism, Bomb Threat, Computer Data Loss, Pandemic Illness, Biological, Chemical, Nuclear, and Radiological hazards.

Chapman University has implemented a Multi-Hazard Emergency Response Plan to support the efforts of the University in disaster preparedness.  For further information, please contact Megan Murphy, Emergency Manager at (714) 516-4565 or via email at memurphy@chapman.edu.

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